Carol Gambill


Carol loves to tell a tale of down-and-out heroes hardened by life’s adversities. Her stories are mastered by one thing we all need to survive, and that's love--a touch, a feel, something to make us feel life is worthwhile.

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'Once WIld' Breaking Out Series, Book One
Returning to Ashland may take more than determination and resolve to stand against the men wanting Shaun Macgregor punished for his past but when Maria Bellicia is hurled into that turbulence, Shaun has to choose – flee or fight. Music by Shannonsongs and Widomin

'Brannigan's War' Breaking Out Series, Book Three
Brannigans War It was all that Corporal Mitch Brannigan could do to pull his life back together after being wounded in Iraq . He'd been through it all, experienced his share of confusion and mind-numbing pain but that was before he came to Houston with a promise and met Emily Billings. She was a battle of shear will and punishing emotions, but Emily Billings wasn't going to deter him from keeping his promise. Music by: Else, Song: The 8 Bells of Oblivion

'Serranto's Redemption' Breaking Out Series, Book Two
The Serranto Empire Years of structuring the Serranto Family Empire fuses two brothers together, both ignited by greed and power. When their long-standing kingdom begins to crumble, the brothers ruthlessly set all integrity and family allegiance aside. As with any struggle for power, one brother will ultimately reign supreme, while the other will falter in annihilation. But in the end, which brother will truly succeed? Music By: Amity in Fame


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