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Regina Weston is a New York native, currently residing in North Carolina. She is a graduate of the College of New Rochelle, with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Psychology.

The journey to writing began in college and was accidental seeing as her career goal was to become a Forensic Psychologist but the universe had other plans for Regina Weston. Subsequently to writing and reading a ten page paper in her junior year of college that impressed her professor as well as classmates, kindled something in her. She quickly realized that writing was something she could do and well.

This is exactly what Regina began to do when she relocated to North Carolina in 1999. She embarked on a writing career. She began writing poetry and children's stories, entering them in writing contest.

In 2003 Regina won first prize for her story, A CHILLY CHRISTMAS, which was published by RDR books. The same year she was also published in Hometown Memories for her story, THE HUNGRY DOG AND CAT.

April 2010 Regina released her long - awaited, self-published book, WHY COULDN'T YOU LOVE ME TOO, a self-help book.

January 2013 Ms. Weston unveiled her latest venture, a newsletter called MENDING HEARTS. It's a newsletter for women and the intended purpose is to write motivational and inspirational articles that will encourage women to embrace who they are.

July 2014 Regina released her second book, WORDS FROM THE HEART, a book of poetry.

April 2015 Ms. Weston released her third book, GIRL TALK…THE ART OF LOVE...BETRAYAL AND GOLD DIGGING 101, a novel.

Currently, Ms. Weston is working on her new novel to be released in the near future.

Since embarking on her writing career in 1999, Regina has discovered that writing was what she was born to do and hasn't put her pen down yet. She writes books that bring awareness to Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Rape and Sex-Trafficking. In addition, she pens books that make readers laugh, blush and squirm. Ms. Weston is looking forward to bringing more great literature to readers in the near future.

Last but not least, Regina Weston is also a certified Domestic Violence advocate. Her life mission is to educate women of all ages about Domestic Violence and its affect on those in its path, and her objective is to save lives, one at a time.

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Why Couldn't You Love Me Too by Regina Weston
Have you ever wondered why no one seems to be happy in any kind of relationship nowadays? Teen Pregnancy is on the rise, same as Divorce, Gang Violence, Rape, Drug Use, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. Well this book will shed some light on these subject matters by dealing with them. In addition, this book will educate its readers and offer tools to those seeking answers and change.


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