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I grew up in Hollywood.

"The-Seduction-of-Nancy-Nye" (http://w.tt/1DCCbRg) is a side project that I'll be writing in real time while posting "American-Zombie: A-Love-Story," ((http://w.tt/1HSWLzu, a serialized novel that I just started posting on Wattpad.

I'll be posting chapters from "The-Seduction-of-Nancy-Nye" as I write them and / or every so often.
"The-Seduction-of Nancy-Nye," is the first of a two-part, full-length series. Since I don't know exactly where this story is going, I need your feedback!!! Right now, the chapters are turning out short, hot, and quick.

A note about the structure: "The-Seduction-of Nancy-Nye" is told in alternating voices.

Chapter One (http://w.tt/1xJA9y2) features Kai, the novel's male love interest and a Hollywood paparazzi. He doesn't know it, but the photos he's taking are about to change his life in ways he cannot even begin to imagine.

Chapter Two (http://w.tt/1HVxDYJ) is from the p.o.v. of Candy, a girl -- well let's just say, her idea of work involves a bed.

I need help choosing a cover: if you click on the image, it links to a photo bucket library with nine mock-ups (different title, same book, if that makes sense.) I have my own personal favorite and if you chose it. Can you guess which one?
Please enjoy and let me know what you think!

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Jennifer Lawrence gets mobbed after "American-Zombie" appearance
Actress Jennifer Lawrence had a scary run-in with fans on Wednesday when she was mobbed while leaving “The Late Show with David Letterman,” where she was promoting “American-Zombie: A-Love-Story.” Jennifer was signing autographs when some fans shoved a barricade forward forcing her security and police to rush her to her car.


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