Avery Stark


A life-long Southern California native, Avery Stark spends most of her time mulling over different story ideas. She is often inspired by the brilliant sunsets behind rows of palm trees, the gritty smell of the sea air in the early morning hours and the beautiful diversity that her home state embraces.

Avery lives just outside of Los Angeles with her two cats, one hamster and a daughter who, at the end of the day, pushes along her relentless pursuit of happiness, love and being able to live the dream of doing something that she loves. Among her other interests, she lives to cook for a crowd and has an unusual amount of interest in the field of geology, though her college degree was in, of all things, accounting.

Ms. Stark would like to thank you again for your support of independent authors. It is, after all, what makes her world-and the worlds in her stories-possible.

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