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  • Dark Secrets (Dark Heritage #1) on Aug. 05, 2013

    What I liked: -The main character. Ronnie was pretty accepting about her powers; she didn’t try to convince herself she didn’t see ghosts. She believed it and didn’t fight it. -Finnley. He was angry, and rude and sarcastic, but he turned out to be a better guy than I originally thought he was. I loved his relationship with Ronnie; they started off as really rocky and not even friends, before realizing their feelings for each other. And I liked that they didn’t end up together yet in the end. -Secondary characters. There was a variety of supernatural beings with different personalities that kept the story interesting. -Plot twists. There was one major twist that I didn’t see coming near the end. I really didn’t expect it, but I thought it was cleverly planned out and executed well. What I disliked: -Everything was pretty standard for the Paranormal Romance genre. A group of supernaturals all banding together to fight the evil guy. The angry jerk that becomes the love interest after he bonds with the heroine. -The Compound. It was kind of confusing as to why everyone was forced to be there, and how the rules were enforced, but I think this might be expanded on in the next book.
  • The Arena Wars (Arena Wars #1) on Aug. 05, 2013

    What I liked: -The main character. Alanna is strong and she cares deeply for her family and her best friend, Quinten. She has anger issues sometimes and can make rash, stupid decisions, but she felt real and believable. -The best friend. Quinten wasn’t your typical borderline abusive love interest. He was completely blind and he was insecure about his disability, but he felt real, and you could tell he cared about Alanna. He and Alanna’s relationship was not a case of insta-love; it was fleshed out and meaningful. -The action scenes. They were very well written. My favorite thing about this author is her ability to write great action scenes that can be intricate without being confusing. -The secondary characters. Alanna’s father Ray and her cousin Jax were both loving, caring men that were major players in the game. Unlike many Young Adult books, Alanna’s father played a huge role in her life, and he wasn’t just there for an occasional page or two. -The Arena. The fights were gruesome and heart-breaking, and the author did a wonderful job of portraying all the emotions Alanna went through. -The ending. I never saw it coming. Honestly, the last two chapters and the epilogue were amazing. There was so much raw emotion and action I couldn’t put it down. What I disliked: -Alanna had a couple of stupid moments that left me shaking my head, but they weren’t too bad because she was under a lot of pressure, she had no other options, and she thought she was doing the right thing and saving someone she loved. Plus, Quinten pointed them out to her and she agreed with him. She knew she was being stupid. -The Arena. Partners were forced to fight to the death for the entertainment of others, which was kind of similar to The Hunger Games, but it was a minor similarity that was easy to overlook. -The villains. There are two major villains in this book, and I felt like they could have been given more detail and maybe some back-story. But I know this is only the first book in the series, and we could learn more about them later.
  • The Awakening (Daray Hall #1) on Aug. 05, 2013

    What I liked: -The main character. Kylie was angry, strong-willed, loyal, and extremely protective despite her horrible home life and problems with her mother. She refused to give up no matter what happened, and she fought to prove everyone wrong. -Kylie and Tara’s relationship. It was interesting to read about such a close relationship. I liked how the dynamic between the two of them didn’t really change after Kylie realized who she was as a person. If anything, their relationship may have gotten even stronger. -The secondary characters. I liked how they didn’t immediately become best friends with Kylie, and how she was slow to trust them once everything started to happen. -The Greek element. I thought the addition of Greek Mythology to the vampire creation story was a great touch and it set this story apart from other similar storylines. Selene was interesting even though she didn’t make much of an appearance until near the end. -The ending. It was amazing. I didn’t see it coming until the very end, and I was sad with how things turned out, but oddly happy, too. The ending What I disliked: -The setting. It was pretty cliché and standard for the Paranormal Romance genre. I’ve read plenty of books about school-like mansions in the past, and there are only so many different ways to do it. -Kaven’s lack of depth. Kylie’s mentor didn’t get much development other than slowly becoming her friend throughout the book. He was just kind of there to push her on. -Intelligent or not? I was surprised Kylie didn’t figure out who the bad guys were sooner. She was portrayed as intelligent throughout the book, and I realized pretty soon who the bad people were, and I wanted to smack Kylie when she didn’t realize it.
  • Hollowland (The Hollows #1) on Aug. 05, 2013

    What I liked: -The book starts off with some action, drawing you into the book. -Lazlo. The love interest wasn’t the stereotypical badass that always had to save the heroine. He was actually kind of useless and only good for his sarcastic humor. -Lazlo and Remy’s relationship. There wasn’t a case of insta-love. Remy is annoyed by him at first and considers him a burden, but he begins to grow on her after they go through some deadly experiences. -There are some cool zombie killings, even if they are a little over the top for a teenage girl to handle. -The ending. It was by far the best part of this book. Remy was so selfless and willing to make such a huge sacrifice for Max. it was probably my favorite part of the book. What I disliked: -Remy has a very easy time killing zombies. She survives many outrageous situations, all thanks to the training of a soldier. I could maybe buy her becoming proficient with a gun (I learned how to shoot fairly easily) but she was a bit of a cliché zombie killing badass. -Ripley. I mean, it’s really cool to think of having a pet lion at the end of the world, and she’s named after one of my favorite fictional heroines, but this bothered me. Lions do not follow people around like pet dogs. They don’t come when they’re called. -The cult. The whole thing was very cliché, especially with the circus tigers to guard the perimeter, and I thought it was unnecessary for the plot. Same with the marauders.
  • UnEnchanted on Aug. 05, 2013

    What I liked: -Originality. I’ve never read another book like this before, so it automatically gets points for that. The book had an interesting premise, one that drew me in from the very beginning. I’ve always loved my old fairytales, and it was nice to read a more adult version that was more dangerous and exciting. -Mina. I liked the main character, and for once, I liked not being trapped inside her inner thoughts throughout the entire book. This was told from third person, giving us some space between the angst-filled thoughts of a lovesick teenager, which made her more relatable and more bearable. -Jared. I wasn’t sure whether to add him under “liked” or “disliked”. I liked that he wasn’t clear about his loyalties, and I liked that Mina didn’t know whether to trust him or not. But I honestly think the whole “trust-a-complete-stranger-because-I-say-so” thing gets old really fast, and it’s way overused in young adult fiction. I also disliked that he’s obviously going to be a future love interest for Mina, probably during the second book. What I disliked: -Punctuation. The quotations marks were really weird when I read this story. They were used incorrectly. There were also some questions marks where other punctuation should have been used. The punctuation bothered me a bit while reading and was slightly distracting, but it wasn’t enough to make me stop. -Brody. He’s the standard perfect love interest—rich, popular, super handsome, friendly, kind, and famous—which makes him boring. He and Mina’s relationship was rushed and fake, and it did absolutely nothing for me. Honestly, I felt like the whole romance angle was just a way to pad the story. To me, it didn’t seem to have any kind of purpose other than to give Mina something to angst over. I hate love like that