Avril Ashton

Smashwords book reviews by Avril Ashton

  • Brandon's Story - Control Freak: Book 1 (Erotica) on Oct. 16, 2010

    As an erotic romance writer, I found this very well-written and entertaining. Going in, I knew it would be since I've had the fortune to sample Reena's work before. She's amazing with description, pulls the reader right in with vivid, colorful pictures. I fell in love with Brandon right away. He doesn't quite get why his wife wants to be manhandled, roughed up during sex, when all he wants is to give her some sweet loving. I couldn't help giggling a time or two as Regina teased and tormented him. Poor Brandon, we don't see much like him. Men who just want to make sweet love to their women. I loved that there wasn't much crammed in as far as backstory. Reena gave us all we needed to get into Brandon's head, and his character is very well defined. As a short story that's all we should want. The sex was detailed--like I prefer it--and very hot. Again, like I like it. I didn't miss being in Reegina's POV, because it's all about Brandon. His reluctance and eventual surrender to dominate.