Ayn Amorelli


Born in Houston and raised all over, Ayn wrote her first novel, “The Stormy Sea of Life” when she was eleven. It was never published, but it whetted her appetite for writing. To further her goal, she took journalism courses throughout high school (all six of them) and talked her way into writing for two school’s newspapers. At Reagan High School in Austin, she even got into trouble for writing such a popular article that it broke the department’s budget due to them having to print more copies. “It was about fashion,” she laughs, “about which I know nothing. So I called my aunt in Galveston who was a buyer for a large department store and she told me the style of clothes that were ‘in’ with those going to college for the first time.”
Going off to college herself, she changed her major three times that first year. Although she feels like she got a great education, she somehow never accrued enough hours to get a degree. That was during the late sixties and early seventies, so she didn’t feel too badly about it, since a lot of women going to college then didn’t feel a degree was necessary for a successful life.
Settling in Houston during her junior year in college, she soon met a man in church and married him in 1972. During the first ten years of her marriage, she started writing again and perfected her style. Then in the early 80’s, she sent out novel after novel, only to get rejected. Realizing something was amiss, she then pulled back and started on a smaller scale, doing freelancing for various newspapers and got published consistently. But she never did give up her love for writing novels.
After her daughter was grown and went off to college, Ayn and her husband decided to explore the Age of Technology, and bought a computer. Fascinated by all the information available on the Net, she spent the first two months exploring ancient Egypt and outer space (her passions), then settled down and rewrote her novels. In 2002, 2003, and 2004, her Gothic novels were published under the pseudonym Ayn Hunt. Why Gothics? “It was around that time,” she says, “we started getting periodic visits from a ghost, which none of us believed in…then. So I rewrote my first novel about a young woman who doesn’t believe in ghosts but has to go to a reputedly haunted mansion to search for clues to an old murder. Because my aunt in Galveston died at about the same time, I put her and her best friend into the novel, so their memories would live on forever.” The following year, her second Gothic novel was published, and then her third, as she researched ghosts to make her books realistic.
During that time, she learned all she could about the business of publishing and writing by joining one writing group after another. Promotion, she realized, was the key to success, so she learned how to do that too, taking one step at a time, exploring various avenues of it, and how to get the word out there about her work.
Being in love with love, she soon started writing her Romances, a genre she dearly loves to read. Being a prolific writer, she’s nearly completed her historical romance and has written a rough draft of her fourth Gothic.


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