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Smashwords book reviews by Shannon

  • The Man Who Holds the Whip on Jan. 26, 2013

    If you can wrap your brain around a promising young lawyer giving up everything to become an internet porn Dom, then you'll enjoy this one from Shoshanna Evers. Ian had left Grace because he was worried she couldn't handle his kink. Grace had been plagued with self doubt ever since Ian had dumped her. Determined to prove she could handle whatever had driven him away from her, Grace enters Ian's world. You will not be disappointed. Ms. Evers has a knack for writing good, believable smut. Unfortunately, the beginning was clunky - the dialogue just didn't seem to flow correctly. But once she got her characters moving it became a nice short story about two people reconnecting. Book courtesy of Ms. Evers who gave away several copies on twitter while hosting a contest.
  • Renegade (The Captive Series Book 2) on Jan. 26, 2013

    I've never been into YA books or dystopian books and here i am completely sucked into a YA dystopian vampire story! This is book 2 in The Captive Series and after leaving us on a cliffie, we find out what has happened to Braith and Arianna. It's been 2 months since Arianna fled the palace and I couldn't wait for the two of them to see each other again. Braith thought he had her all figured out, but I loved the way she threw his fiancee in his face. She figures, why not, he's going to kill me anyway. But then something completely different happens... It's one of those romances that truly has no hope of working out, but you can't help but root for them. He's the heir apparent to the King of the Vampires. She's the daughter of the leader of the human rebels. He's the top of the food chain. She IS the food chain. Now that the world building has been done in Book 1, Ms. Stevens has time to twist the plot and set up book 3. We also get the backstory on both Arianna's and Braith's families. They have more in common than one would have thought and it turns out, a common enemy. War is what turned the world into what it is now and sadly it looks like war is the only way anything will ever change.
  • Refugee (The Captive Series Book 3) on Jan. 26, 2013

    Thoroughly enjoyed this 3rd book in the Captive Series by Erica Stevens. The story keeps moving forward as Braith and Arianna head towards what appeared to be an inevitable future. Unfortunately they saw that future differently, especially as the vampires surrounding them made it painfully clear to Aria that the future Braith envisioned would never come to pass. I was on the edge of my seat from the Prologue! My heart was already breaking for these lovers and we had no idea what would happen or when. As the book went on I became concerned that it would become formulaic - Ms. Stevens had outlined what their path would be, they headed down it and then BAM! DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! And was extremely happy to be thrown off the proverbial cliff. Can't wait for the 4th book to come out!