Bea Turvey


An Oxfordshire School Librarian’s First Novel Is Due Out Shortly But She Wishes To Remain Anonymous Because Of Its Racy Content

Ex-IT Manager, Mother and now School Librarian of a prominent local school: Bea Turvey, her pen name, lives in a small Oxfordshire village and has finally achieved her dream of writing a novel but because of the inclusion of some sex scenes she will not be able to enjoy the recognition that will come with its international publication.
Not only is she wary of being exposed to students’ comments and staff critique, but her greatest fear is that the book will somehow make its way to her mother’s pile of must-reads! Therefore, she is writing under a pen name in the hope that it will keep her secret for as long as possible. The threat of exposure makes her anxious.
‘We all put our parents through hell as we grow up but this is beyond anything I’ve ever done before. My mother is extremely strait-laced: doesn’t drink, smoke, swear and is deeply religious. A book like this would shock her senseless.’

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