My wife offered the image.
She claims the likeness is remarkable.
​Do I have a slogan?  Well, did once and my deer got away.
A website!  Watch out fer spiders!
True happiness can only be achieved with a complete, and total, lack of awareness.
When I tweet, birds come. When I yahoo, somethin' good just happened. I threw away my fackbook many years ago, when my wife stole my heart.  My weebly is all wobbly, myspace is a mess, and when I google I shut the door and light a match.

●About The Author

We live off grid, hidden amongst hundreds of acres of the deep Ohio backwoods. Our tiny town is loaded with the type of folks that wave when you drive by, and stop when you need help. A quiet existence, far removed from the amenities that a modern life would provide, may seem impossible to some, but the dog loves it and the wife and kids don't seem to mind.

We have no television and no electricity to run it if we had.  That said, led lighting and 12v solar kits make off grid life quite modernized.  My wife and I often run our portable dvd player at night, catching up on our favorite shows and any new movies that appear worth watching.  A car radio provides some noise and a 12v on-demand water pump covers all of our water needs.

I may soon write about our life without power.  I may even publish it under my other name, so curious minds can seek out my true identity.  However, the 'True Tales from the Backwoods - From Hunting Camp, To Home' is still in the scattered thoughts stage.  I have plenty of stories to tidy up and get to you before then.

~Thanks for Reading~

Smashwords Interview

Who are you, really? Why, "Backwoods"?
Simply enough, if I had to sum myself up in a word, it would be: Backwoods.

I may offer my true identity at some point, but I intend to have some fun with yins first. I may intertwine a few characters and storylines with work under my real name and let you figure it out on your own. I'll be sure not to let you know. Until then, my wife claims the image on my profile has a remarkable likeness.
Is it true that you live "Off The Grid"?
I live back in the woods and I'd have it no other way. I have found that life holds a much deeper meaning without the chaos and nonsense that fills our day-to-day lives. Most people hear 'Off Grid' and they jump to drastic ideas of life in a little grass hut and running around in buckskin clothing. In reality, well my reality anyhow, it is not all that different. I do have a wood-burning stove in place of a television, but I have never lost reception with it. We have a generator for electricity when it is needed. We have propane (and propane accessories) for refrigeration, heat and lighting. We listen to the radio and we poop in a toilet.

The main thing that separates my world from yours is, well, I don't have to deal with the idiots. Where I live, people wave hands instead of fingers. If your car breaks down, the next car will likely stop to see if you need assistance. Where I grew up you can't go shopping without someone squeezing their way by in a hurry or cutting you off in the parking lot. The peaceful serenity of the woods seems to have an effect on people that you can't truly understand until you see it first hand.
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Tales From The Backwoods
The 'Tales From The Backwoods' are a collection of fictional short stories of some who have encountered the supernatural and the unknown. Please enjoy these chilling tales. Thank you for reading. ~Backwoods~
Off Grid
The 'Off Grid' series includes the following titles by Backwoods. Off Grid (Book One), Stronghold (Book Two), This Land We Call Home (Book Three). This Land We Call Home is completed and will be available soon. The fourth book in the series is underway and has yet to be titled.
Off Grid
Price: $0.99 USD.
Price: $0.99 USD.


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After a devastating attack changed the country forever, Johnny and Rae Lynn Tapper have survived solitude in the wilderness, bitter winters, brutal injuries, a deadly encounter with wolves, and the birth of their child while alone and trapped by a very unpleasant bear. Now they face an even greater danger, Howard Harvey, the serial killer who has moved into their town of Stronghold.
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Johnny & Rae Lynn Tapper find safety in solitude, hidden deep within the shelter of the Rocky Mountains. Terrorists have taken away the country they once knew and they survive, secluded and alone, by living off the land. They live wild new lives in a wild new world, living among the wild animals of the vast Colorado wilderness. There are no phones. There is no power. They are 'Off Grid'.
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After a fatal crash, Ethan Wolfe must survive the wilderness to evade capture. He flees to Colorado to seek asylum with friends, only to find them facing an evil beyond imagination. A twisted dream and a shocking premonition leave him wondering if they face the evil, or are the cause of it.