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  • Freak on June 05, 2012

    Blurb: Juniper Rayne is considered a freak, not because of the way she acts, not because of her interests and not because of her attitude. No Juniper is seen as a 'Freak' because she is human. In a world ruled and dominated by vampires she is one of the few who still live and breath and have blood flowing through their veins. She and her family are treated like cattle and there is nothing she can do about it. When the Vampires decide that a reality show featuring humans is a good Idea Juniper's parents jump at the chance to be included. This is Junipers worst nightmare, now she is at the centre of vampire ridicule and she's not sure if she can take it. The bullying at school escalates and so does the intrusion of the cameras. After an incident at lunch, Juniper is empowered to regain control or die trying. My Views: First of all I would like to say thanks to E.K. Henry for giving me the opportunity to review her book. Okay so I like the book, it isn't the best book ever but it is one I am very impressed with. The concept is one that draws you in as well as the setting. Some may find the main character a tad whiny in the beginning, however as the story progresses she becomes a lot stronger.The book stirs the emotion, at one point I was angry at Juniper her parents and her friends all at the same time. I always love a little romance with my paranormal and E.K does not disappoint in this at all. I think it would be too much of a spoiler to tell you about Juniper's love interest so you will just have to read and find out! The villain was the director of the reality show (more the vampire government in general) but that fact tickled me a bit. My Recommendation: If you are looking for a read, where the characters will surprise you and the story take you in this is a story for you. If you are not a patient reader, This book is not for you, unless you really really try your best to stick with it.