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Health , Well-being and Beauty Through Natural Health and Herbology.
Many Year Have Been Spent Researching The Information I Know

First Test Subjects Were My Partner and I.
our weights were 65kg and 85kg (aprox)
now are 45-50kg and 55-60kg
all this was done in under 1 month.

The second test subject was my father in law.
he had a recurring gut cancer in stage 4.
over a period of less than a year, He was totally cured with no neg effects.

the third test subject was a friend who was easy 160kg+
over a period of 2 months we reduced he weight to little over 100kg

the fourth test subject was someone we came across via work.
the person was around 80 years old.
around 150kg, 100% wheelchair bound, very bad Alzheimer (he always forgot who I was)
and a severe diabetic. also had very poor motor control and bladder control.
over just a couple of months he lost over 30kg , he began remembering us, could feed himself gained back some mobility and severity of his diabetes improved.
and unlike before he was more energetic and lively.

proof the right methods of natural foods and treatments can do almost anything


Natural Health and Beauty Guide
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Introduction Q1 : What Is Natural Health and Beauty? Q2 : How Can It Be Achieved? Q3 : How Much Does It Cost? Q4 : Will It Work For Anyone? These are common questions asked by everyday people.

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