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Since I can remember I’ve been making up stories. As the oldest grandchild I told stories to the younger kids at family get¬togethers at the old farm in Michigan where I was born and grew up. An avid reader from about the fourth grade when I discovered the school library, I enjoy most genre. But I tend to write most in the areas where I have worked for a living.

My undergraduate work was in physical chemistry, but my graduate work was in Psychology. During my working life, I spent ten years as a county social worker. In that capacity I worked with people with all kinds of problems, some of which they brought on themselves, and some of which they were saddled with from having loved the wrong person. The next twenty years were in probation. (My final few years of work were with probation, as a Criminal Psychologist.) There I worked with essentially the same people–the ones who hadn’t dealt with their problems before the got crosswise of the law. In that arena also, I spent much time counseling the wives, husbands (occasionally) and children, and parents (often) of those who had messed up.

In too many cases the reason was substance abuse / dependency. So I wrote about those people in Send An Angel (Authorhouse, 2002). The story is a a romantic suspense about those who have that problem, love the person who has that problem, or were victimized by those with an addition. Because all of us are romantics, whether or not we admit it, I just have to put a romance into my stories. This one is still selling.

My love of western lore produced Billy Killdeere in 1995. It sold out, but the company went under before we could reprint.

The book you are holding is the second edition of Billy Killdeere because it’s still popular. Killdeere Way, the sequel, came out in February, 2007, from Treble Heart Books. Colorado Justice, a western, and Prairie Rose, a historical romantic suspense are in the editing stage with Treble Heart. I have four other books under contract, and finished, with Treble Heart.
Hardball, a suspense-thriller is under way. After Kat Martin read Billy Killdeere, and reviewed Send An Angel, she encouraged me to write romantic fiction. Category Romance is beyond me, but romantic suspense is fun. Look for Kyla’s Angel from Treble Heart Books soon, too.
Vital statics? I was born May 25 sometime in the last century. I’m married to the former Phyllis Sharp. We have a son, Larry, 42 and daughter, Lacey, 35, from my previous marriage, and Pam 21, and Matthew 26, from Phyllis’ previous marriage. Oh, and a grandson Matthew, 2 and a half years, and a great grandson, Drake, 4 years old.

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