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Smashwords book reviews by BalhamBoy

  • Ambition, part one on Feb. 17, 2009

    We've only been given the first 4 chapters of this so it's early days, we assume that the author actually has the rest of this to post (I am pretty sure he must) but already I think this is going in an interesting direction. It feels, already, a little bit like the literary equivalent of 'infinite mirrors' - when you hold one mirror up to another and look into it, an endless stream of reflections. The book is about a young author 'making it', written by a young author (check out the bio picture) that wants to 'make it' - but the story is about that very same thing, an author who has written a book on publishing success, before he was succesful. Confused? Don't worry about it, most of the first 4 chapters are just sex, drugs and parties with the occasional burst of acerbic dialogue, all narrated in the flat, first person prose style made famous by Bret Easton Ellis (at least to me). Think about it like a Dr Peppeer - try it, you might like it...
  • Ambition, part two on Feb. 21, 2009

    Part two is better even than part one. The first chapter, In Bed with Californian Girl, is a tour de force. “...Look at the tan lines, I’m thinking, she looks like a young Pammy, I’m thinking...” Brilliant, I have to say I love it. It’s so savage as the narrator is in bed with some chick who he hates but is so attracted to but she’s putting him off during sex and so he’s just trying to look at her body and pretend she’s in, like, a magazine or something - try reading this on the tube on your iphone. Narrator starts asking himself what he is doing with her when he could be at home watching re-runs on TV. It's especially funny when she admits she can’t orgasm and the narrator says it makes him think of Care Bears The Movie. When read that on the my morning commute I burst out laughing so hard that the guy next to me tried reading it on my iphone over my shoulder – must have thought it was a funny text message. Then, at the end, when the police rap on the front door as the stalker ex-boyfriend called and he’s wearing pink bedsheets. BUT, that is nothing, compared to the next bit, the Mischief Chapter, which I won’t ruin but it such a nice set-piece I could of cried – you got to take a look.