Mark Beshara


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Mark Beshara left home on his seventeenth birthday and has treated life as a luscious adventure ever since, settling in places as diverse as the Aleutian Islands near the Russian coast, the Arizona desert near Mexico, the Caribbean island of Jamaica, Australia, Bali, Java and Borneo.
During his 20 years in Los Angeles he produced six record albums, three ghost-produced for fitness guru Richard Simmons and three for his own label, and was awarded a Gold Album from the Recording Industry Association of America.
During his 10 years in Indonesia (Bali, Java, Borneo) he researched and authored unique travel guidebooks on hidden secrets of Indonesia (Secret Bali and Scared To Death) revealing how the use of malevolent magic against tourists flourishes.
Beshara currently resides on the Gulf Coast of Florida, still searches for more of life’s glorious adventures, and continues to live life to the hilt.


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