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Multi-genre author of SSF, Dark Fantasy, Psych Horror, LGBT+ Romance, focusing on the psychology of characters. All my books can be found on Amazon.

More of a goat than a black sheep, Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden has spent the majority of his life struggling with physical and mental health while dreaming of being able to share the universes created in his mind with others. A born and bred Arkansan, small town life suits Sahreth best, where he can focus on his family of cats, rats, dogs, snake, possum, and of course, his loving wife of 10 years.

Having struggled with Schizoaffective Disorder and PTSD for the larger portion of his life, Sahreth finds it important to promote mental health awareness, working also to erase the many negative stigmas surrounding mental illness. Another goal dear to him is the achievement of a COEXIST culture amongst those with differing religious, political, and philosophical mindsets as well as those from different backgrounds and lifestyles including race, gender, identity, and orientation.

Sahreth is the author of the science social fiction trilogy 'Visitor's Blood,' which was his first major project as a writer. He has also published psychological horror shorts and LGBT+ paranormal romance and has plans for countless more books in the same categories as well as fantasy, gritty realistic fiction, and autobiographical nonfiction.

Personal Motto:
Education over fear; understanding over hatred.

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Twitter: @baphy1428
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To Hell and Back For You
Price: Free! Words: 95,670. Language: English. Published: September 2, 2023 . Categories: Fiction » Romance » Paranormal » General, Fiction » Romance » LGBTQ+ » Gay
Carrying the memories of an abusive childhood home, Mark develops a habit which leads to grand delusions and the unintentional death of his romantic partner. Three years later, he has sobered, but guilt has left him bereft. When proof surfaces of the reality of those prior beliefs, this suicidal young man finds himself on a journey to recover his lover’s lost soul, finding new love along the way.
Hallucinatory Tribulation Volume 1
Price: Free! Words: 47,230. Language: English. Published: October 24, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Horror » General, Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Psychological thriller
(5.00 from 1 review)
Inspired by the author's own struggles with mental illness, Hallucinatory Tribulation is an anthology of short psychological horror stories which revolve around the mind, mental health, the human experience, and human perception of existence.
Visitor's Blood (Book 1)
Price: Free! Words: 131,830. Language: English. Published: September 19, 2020 . Categories: Fiction » Science fiction » Space opera, Fiction » Science fiction » General
(5.00 from 1 review)
When an alien craft lands on planet Earth, Maj. John and Dr. Connie Shinn are eager to learn about its all-too-human passengers. However, when the peaceful aliens are forced into further compliance, the Earthlings are thrown into an unimaginable battle against one of the passengers...a vampire. BOOK 2: BORROWED LOYALTY IS AVAILABLE ON AMAZON IN EBOOK & PAPERBACK. Book 3 coming soon.

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Smashwords book reviews by Sahreth 'Baphy' Bowden

  • Yetti Boys on Sep. 19, 2020

    "Yetti Boys" is a unique coming of age story not only about the two boys from the Yetti family, but of a young girl tasked with finding that family. I love the outline of the two very different worlds the children are from. While the boys grow up in a loving, albeit poor, culture, the girl is accustomed to vast technology and a violent atmosphere. As well, there are things of legend and magic the boys grow into while the girl's perspective is entirely science-based. The whole story is intriguing and endearing as the reader learns about the various aspect of the universe and wonders how things will end when the three finally meet. A great balance of darkness and light, a contrast between the effects of positive vs negative environments and personalities.
  • What the Crap? on Oct. 03, 2020

    I loved Daniel Forbes' 'Yetti Boys' and this anthology lived up to the expectations his other book gave me! (Also shoutout to Kathleen Fulton for the awesome artwork on both books) This collection of short stories has a bit of almost everything. Ghosts, secretive organizations, romance, adventure, social message, mental health/illness, paranormal twists, time travel, fantasy... There's no set genre, but the overlying atmosphere of the book is positive. Not to say there weren't dark or otherwise grim/weary parts; just that the majority of the stories held what feels like the author's personal brand of positivity. My favorite stories were: 'Bacon Wrapped Vampire' (and its followup- 'Who Eats Who?), which centers around a vigilante cannibal. 'Mules,' where one girl's adventure changes the life of boy from years past. 'Shoe Tree,' a sweet yet heartbreaking life of a tree and a wayward spirit that really left an emotional impression on me. and 'Merick's First Solo Hunt,' the story which apparently inspired the author's novel 'Yetti Boys' (a book I also recommend reading). But to be honest, I enjoyed all of them. Especially the ones I suspect were the 'biographical' stories mentioned in the book's about section. Definitely great for a few afternoon readings! Regardless of what genres you're into, I'm sure you'll find something to love about 'What the Crap?'
  • The Long Case Clock: A Short Story on Oct. 10, 2020

    I don't want to say too much for fear of ruining the story, but 'The Long Case Clock' gave me the feeling of Brothers Grimm meets Edgar Allan Poe. It had the eerie atmosphere/premise and violence of Poe's work with the morose warnings popular of Grimm's Fairy Tales. The way the author melded the psychological aspects of the main character's struggles with his own self-worth, dreams, and his crumbling relationship with a supernatural force that uses these things to nurture his darker, aggressive, and arguably selfish thoughts makes for an intriguing read which has the reader second-guessing their own feelings and actions as well as how much they are to blame for what dim places they may find themselves in.
  • The Wedding (Short Story) on Oct. 22, 2020

    This was a great follow-up story to 'Mina's Period.' It's not quite as long, but I enjoyed it more. In the same respect that the first story deals with a topic that needs more exposure to reach normalcy rather than its more negative associations, so does 'The Wedding.' It's a little bit hard to follow at times, considering the author's writing style which I mentioned in my review of 'Mina's Period.' That being said, I feel like there was more interesting things happening in the plot than with the first. Just make sure you pay attention to what's being said and by who. If you do that, I think you'll find yourself as I did: wanting more details and escapades from these characters' lives.
  • Build a Gary Workshop on Oct. 28, 2020

    Here we find an extra story from the universe of Daniel Forbes' 'Yetti Boys.' I think you can read either this story or the novel first and still properly enjoy both. 'Build a Gary Workshop' gives us a look inside some of the less prominent (but still important) characters of 'Yetti Boys' Book 1 and even some new ones. It's an adventure full of fun, cleverness, and neat future/scifi aspects that I believe all ages will enjoy. Underappreciated at a company he holds together, Gary sets off to steer his focus on more enjoyable efforts. Those being his love of motorcycles and his knack for not only building, but designing complex vehicular machinery. On his journey to making it on his own by constructing luxury quality motorbikes for sale and becoming the official owner of the oldest motorcycle in existence, he comes across new people with new opportunities he could have only dreamed of. The questions are: are they worth what he loses? and will his wit and intelligence see him through? I do hope to see more of Gary (and Candace) in future stories! They are really great characters. To be honest, most if not all of the characters in this story are. They each had endearing qualities and personalities in their own ways. I wouldn't have expected anything less from the author than an adventure mostly full of people fun to love (not to say there aren't villainous characters). Daniel Forbes always seems to put a lot of depth to his characters which makes them feel both real and lovable.
  • Sweet and Frosty: Tales of the Cold, Wise, and Loving on Nov. 01, 2021

    Kelanie Black’s ‘The Red Lair’ series made me a big fan so I was excited to read some of her other work. ‘Sweet and Frosty’ held true to the quality of story-telling and ahem mood-setting that I came to love from the author. This collection is both diverse and inclusive in regards to setting, characters, and sexual adventures. Most of the stories involve some sort of BDSM aspect, ranging from hardcore Master/slave relationships to light bondage, but there are some more vanilla aspects too. The atmospheres vary between happy ending or mostly feel good; and heart-aching or an ‘it is what it is’ vibe. Included are straight, gay, and lesbian couples (and trouples) as well as Kelanie Black’s signature character attribute: blind or disabled. They all felt realistic and, as other reviewers have commented, I would have enjoyed getting to know many of them much better. Being short stories though, there is a time constraint and I believe the author brought them to life within those parameters very well. As with ‘The Red Lair’ series, the author touched on some serious topics in this collection. We are shown views of relationship struggles (not the least of which involves BDSM gone wrong), heart-break, the all too common issue of LGBTQ+ youth/adults being rejected by their family (or attempting to reconnect with them), and the need to numb via alcohol. I love how unafraid the author is to tackle such subjects. Outside of vivid, arousing sexual scenes, what these stories share is a holiday season theme. This makes ‘Sweet and Frosty’ a perfect collection of afternoon reads to get erotica, BDSM, and romance fans into the spirit for Fall, Christmas, etc…or perhaps you hate the season and wish for something out of the ordinary. These stories would work in either case. My particular favorites were ‘Crossing the Line,’ ‘The After Party,’ and ‘The Pumpkin.’