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When Barbara is in Georgina Lee's shoes, she enjoys all things about space. When she's not watching something spacey on television, she's writing about some distant world. Her characters are unique, fresh and yet very real.

You can find her on Twitter as @BarbaraPhinney.

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  • Ready or Not on April 27, 2011

    Schede shines again with her next story. Ready or not shows us again that she can write friends growing into more than just friends. Warm like a cup of hot chocolate and spicy at the same time, Ready or Not is something you can curl up with anytime. Love this one and highly recommend it.
  • Daughter of Time on Feb. 27, 2012

    Daughter of Time is a time travel story in which a woman of Welsh descent is thrown back in time with her toddler daughter. Now while I liked this book, mostly because I lived in Wales as a child, the book did present a few minor difficulties. One of the difficulties, naturally, is pronouncing the names of the Welsh characters, although this author wisely provided a pronunciation chart at the beginning of the book. In my review, I'm not going to bother to name them, because it's just simply too hard for me. Whilst this book is promoted as a romance, I didn't find it so. It is, however, an enjoyable story with a rather pleasant literary feel to it. My only other problem worth mentioning in this story, was the amount of history the heroine knew of her love interest. It may have been explained in the story well enough, I really didn't buy into it. To me it just seemed a little too convenient for the heroine to have a history loving mother and the ability to remember the date of the death of the last great Prince of Wales. But in considering the literary feel to the book, I did enjoy the author's exploration of death, murder, battles, and all the emotions these things evoke. I was a little disappointed in how the story ended, and found it to to be a little too convenient. I also felt it was rather abrupt and some of the words used sounded too modern for 13th century characters. In my opinion, regardless of whether or not there are continuing novels, novels should be wrapped up a little bit more neatly. But in the literary sense, one could say the ending was satisfactory. Do I recommend this book? Yes, if you love history, especially Welsh history. Yes, if you enjoy books that are not too overly 'literary', nor too romantic. If you have trouble dealing with Welsh names, don't give up on this book. Just do what I do, create a similar name for the character and in your mind switch it.