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Barb Radu Sprenger is the author of the international selling book, Sailing Through Life, a memoir of her and Con’s unique sailing adventure aboard Big Sky, their 51.5 foot Nauticat sailboat. Their adventures have taken them in and out of 41 countries, sometimes in chartered waters and sometimes off the beaten path. Barb’s stories have been published in various magazines around the world.

Life and death visited Barb and Con’s world sending them a strong message to live life now. At 53, Barb left her career with the Kids Up Front Foundation of Canada, as the national executive director and founder—a charity for kids into which she poured her passion. Con, then 60, partially retired from his Canadian-based international pump and compressor company was finally ready to set off on the Big SIR (Sailing in Retirement). Spring 2007, they kissed their four daughters aged 24 to 34 “good-bye,” tossed off the lines in Finland, set sail in the Baltic Sea, chasing the sun south.

While filling up on the world’s beauty, the people and history, they’ve experienced wild seas and weather situations. They were grounded in an ebbing tide in France; hit by lightning in Albania; surprised by colliding weather systems in Croatia; boarded by would-be thieves in Greece; and like all good fairytales they've slept soundly “on the hook” during hurricane conditions.

“For every bad day on the water,” Barb shares, “there are one hundred great days. Life is for the living, so live it! Don’t wait for it to happen to you – go out and grab hold of it. We’ve explored sites as old as dust; immerged into remote communities; sailed with dolphins and whales; and fallen in love with the people along the way.”

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