Barry Hess


Barry Hess grew up in rural America, Sugar Hill, New Hampshire, and graduated from Fordham University in 1978 where History, English, Philosophy and Political Science were the focus of his studies. He settled in Phoenix, Arizona in 1980. Hess’ insatiable curiosity has led him down a Life path of intrigue and discovery, where he’s made a career of creating new careers for himself. He has owned, or founded a string of businesses including; Multi-level Marketing,International Trading and manufacturing, to cyber-marketing and water treatment. He dabbles in various investments, but his passion has always been markedly political.

Barry is a sought-after international speaker for the Individual Liberty Movement, and his political commentaries and columns have been very wellreceived world-wide, as have been his hundreds of radio, Internet and television guest and host appearances. He’s a popular, internationally-recognized lecturer on individual liberty issues, and a popular Libertarian national convention speaker. He has been elected to represent the Libertarian Party as Nominee for Governor of Arizona, three times, most recently in 2010. He served three terms as vice-chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party, and is currently its Communications Director, and (Minister of Propaganda). While his career has been long and varied, his home life has not; he is married to Gina, his bride of 20 years; they have one son, Zelig and live in Phoenix, Arizona.

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