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  • Monkeys and Political Leaders – The Seven Rules to Every Human-Simian Society on Nov. 18, 2012

    Review by: Bastiat Benoit Crup on Nov. 18, 2012 : (Remove) Quite captivating and well written. Thank you for the glimpse into an amazing edge of the jungle life. You describe the monkeys dominance hierchy very well...the dominant male and his cronies rule a lot like a dictatorship and one could only wish that they had a system more like Jefferson had in mind. - I would like to say one thing to the author not feed sugar and white flour products to the monkeys. They are quite susceptible to diabetes and it will also give them sugar highs and lows. - You could substitute dry dog food with protein, vitamins and minerals, which would be much better for their health. Also you can buy monkey chow buscuits from Mazuri at a very reasonable cost. Whole wheat crackers, with no sugar or whole grain bread, also sugar free, would also be good substitutes. Yams and sweet potatoes, raw, are also good. - Thank you again for the delightful monkey tale.
  • You Can Go to Hell But I'm Not Going With You on April 18, 2013

    A page turner!! - An amazing condensation of our spiritual options and how to be saved! This book is full of substance, yet easy to read for any age group...brilliantly easy to comprehend for believers or nonbelievers.