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Beating Windward Press, established in 2011 by Matt Peters, is an independent publisher of novels, short story collections, and non-fiction by emerging authors. We produce 5 to 10 titles a year and our books reflect the individual tastes of our staff - mostly mainstream fiction with a literary edge. Beating Windward offers books with distinct voices and perspectives that we hope brings pleasure, knowledge, and entertainment to our readers.

We call Orlando, Florida home, but our hearts are wherever the written word reigns.

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Beating Windward Press' favorite authors on Smashwords

Miss Aubrean EllĂ­s
Latest book: Strip Me Naked. Pre-release—available October 9, 2018.
Latest book: The Three-Story fight. Published September 24, 2017.
Marissa Tajalle
Latest book: The Murder Couple and Other Stories. Published September 24, 2017.
Kianna Lynn
Latest book: Questioning Humanity. Pre-release—available November 4, 2017.
Hector Ramos
Latest book: Trucks, Guns, and Fuzzy Monsters. Published September 24, 2017.
Leandro Pereda
Latest book: Do Not Look. Pre-release—available November 30, 2017.
Latest book: Road of Trials. Pre-release—available September 23, 2018.
Laura C. Meola
Latest book: Broken, and Other Stories. Published September 10, 2017.
Tacia Jensen
Latest book: Memento Mori: A Short Reminder. Published September 24, 2017.
Latest book: Taste of a Mind. Published September 24, 2017.
Marcetta Davis
Latest book: The Heart of Love : Stories of the Human Spirit. Published September 24, 2017.
A. A. Khayyat
Latest book: A Pulse In Oblivion, and Other Stories. Published September 23, 2017.
Amani Bell
Latest book: Love in America and other short stories. Published September 22, 2017.
Latest book: It's A Dark Dark World Out There. Pre-release—available August 30, 2018.
Latest book: Woes of Life: Relationships and Innocence. Pre-release—available September 27, 2018.
Logan Johnson
Latest book: Tales of the Heart. Published August 25, 2017. (4.00 from 1 review)
Ashlyn Jensen
Latest book: The Artist. Pre-release—available August 30, 2018.
Anthony Hall
Latest book: The Unforeseen Finale. Published August 27, 2017.
Chris James
Latest book: The Last Children on Earth. Published August 26, 2017.
Melissa Crosby
Latest book: Gray Matter. Pre-release—available August 27, 2018.
Trevor Roth
Latest book: Perspectives: A Collection of Short Stories. Published August 24, 2017.
Cassandra Francis
Latest book: Drugs and Marriage. Published August 24, 2017.
JL Boutell
Latest book: S is for Struggle. Published August 27, 2017.
M.Y. Aponte
Latest book: A Box of Stories. Published August 27, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Lina Tation
Latest book: Different Worlds. Published August 27, 2017.
Ronecia White
Latest book: The Wave and Other Short Stories. Published July 30, 2017.
Darin Tackett
Latest book: DT's Mind. Published July 30, 2017.
Alexander Smith
Latest book: Mostly Just For Me. Published July 30, 2017.
Latest book: Stories I Wrote, While Battling My Confidence. Published July 29, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Kevin Pantoja
Latest book: FLASH! A Collection of Flash Fiction Tales. Pre-release—available January 1, 2018.
Justin Mcmullen
Latest book: The Final Three. Pre-release—available July 30, 2018.
Janel Lowe
Latest book: WRITINGS BY A CREATIVE WRITER. Published July 30, 2017.
Alyssa Jenkins
Latest book: Catalyst: A Collection of Stories. Published July 30, 2017.
Gerald Fortune
Latest book: Chasing Awake: Four Short Horror Stories. Published July 29, 2017.
Kyle Ziton
Latest book: Misfits At Midnight. Published July 26, 2017.
Jake Lyde
Latest book: Stories for Wasting a Saturday Afternoon. Published July 26, 2017.
Darren Clisch
Latest book: Class Projects. Published June 25, 2017.
Kristen Schmutz
Latest book: The Troubled Love Collection. Published June 8, 2017.
Matthew Robinson
Latest book: Novel Collection of Stories. Published June 25, 2017.
Tony Ransom
Latest book: Against The Clock, and Other Stories. Published June 25, 2017. (4.00 from 2 reviews)
Latest book: Art Theft, and Other Stories. Published June 25, 2017.
Keith Krupa
Latest book: Dark Tales of the Soul. Published June 25, 2017.
Patrick L. Kain
Latest book: Borne of Personal Strife. Published June 24, 2017.
KM Kidwell
Latest book: Slobbering Kisses for Heartbroken Children. Published June 25, 2017.
Trey Hines
Latest book: Love's Labors Lost. Published June 25, 2017.
Brian Lambert
Latest book: Dark Matter. Pre-release—available June 10, 2018.
Harmony Wellington
Latest book: Awkward Apocalypse and Other Stories. Pre-release—available June 1, 2018.
Mark Brockett
Latest book: Sovereign: The First Chapter. Published July 20, 2017.
Mary Beckett
Latest book: Hotel Getaway and Other Short Stories. Published June 25, 2017.
Peter Quattrone
Latest book: Mind and Magic. Pre-release—available June 22, 2018.
Don Jack
Latest book: Starting Somewhere. Published June 23, 2017.
Madison Harrold
Latest book: Elements of Strangers: a Collection. Published June 25, 2017. (5.00 from 1 review)
Christian Chamberlain
Latest book: A Collection of Strange Shorts. Published June 25, 2017.
Don Desmond
Latest book: The Flash Fiction. Published June 5, 2017.
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Smashwords book reviews by Beating Windward Press

  • A Chance of Rain on June 08, 2015

    Simple and short, but vivid and terrifying. The child's point of view was a great choice through which to show this horrific and senseless act. No answers. No understanding. Just witness.