Beatrice Bechonne


Born in Savannah, Georgia of a French mother and Creole father, Beatrice Bechonne knew from early childhood that she wanted to be a writer. Early heartbreak and the passion for adventure led her to romance writing, but because her father frowned on it, Beatrice renounced her natural tendencies and attempted to write "practical" books on ordinary topics. But things have a way of working out, and when her parents divorced, she learned it was because her father--a pragmatic, down-to-earth person--had fallen deeply in love with a nun from the local convent. Soon after, Sister Angelique left her nunnery and Jean-Paul Bechonne confessed to his wife, who let him go with the gracious sadness of one who believes that love will come again. Beatrice realized then that romance is essential, and her first book, "Impossible Desire" was born.

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