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  • We Be BoBo: Channelings from a 7th Density Group Consciousness on Dec. 01, 2012

    Douglas Adams married to Brecht on a Massive Liverwurst on Rye with "Heavy" mustard, and a side of Hunter S Thompson - just to spice-it-up. The author of this originally styled narrative novelette (since clearly it is much more than a common novela, while not as verbose as Journey with Paul Theroux) takes the reader into the 7th Density of a channel surfing smart-mouthed collective entity. Granted the farce doesn't speed the plow from the on-set (which proves to be a clever [perhaps cleaver is a better term] ruse), drawing the reader into a lair, betangling us in the web of a Channel, and most assuredly Channelism itself. For Douglas Adams, the answer was 42, clearly for Mr. Brass the solution to the question of life the universe and everything has expanded to 103, and a few densities more.