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  • Dark Cravings (Moon Children #1) on July 12, 2010

    Dark Cravings is a dark paranormal romance novella by independent author G L Drummond. Chelsea is a rare female werewolf who fled to Alaska to escape her pack. For the past three years she’s been rebuilding her life and has even found love with the local sheriff. When another werewolf, a male, arrives in town she fears the pack have found her. But he has nothing to do with them and is there to try and protect the town from something far worse. But werewolves have powerful, undeniable desires which just might ruin Chelsea’s new life. Likes: * Even today it’s rarer for werewolves to get the positive treatment than vampires. They just aren’t pretty enough I guess. Dark Cravings inverts that norm and then some. * The action scenes are well done. * While there isn’t a huge amount of character development (it’s a 20k novella so only the unreasonable would expect it) there is a beautiful balance of inner and outer conflict with the love triangle and the vampire attack. * It’s a lovely, quick read, but there’s a hell of a lot of value crammed into this short little Dislikes: * It felt like Chekov’s Gun misfired. There’s constant mention of the fact the pack will eventually find Chelsea, but it doesn’t happen in the course of the novella. I think it might be set up a sequel, but the way it kept coming up felt belaboured. Almost as if it were a subplot dropped to keep this a novella. * I’m not a great fan of erotica and there are some sex scenes in the story. It all makes sense in context, but I prefer sex in stories to be more subtle. This is, of course, a matter of taste. It’s not so intrusive that you can’t skim it. * Bah! But it could have been longer with a couple of subplots. Verdict: There’s a lot for fans of werewolves and paranormal romance to like in Dark Cravings and G L Drummond crafts a good tale. It’s not 100% my cup of tea, but it was a worthy read. I did enjoy it. I rate this 3.5 stars, I've listed it as 4 because I hate to round down