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born and raised a New York girl, traveled around some. Reading and writing is my passion, hope to publish something at some point.


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Smashwords book reviews by Rebecca Stafford

  • Conquer Your Addiction on Oct. 16, 2012

    It seems like this guy has really lived and seen and experienced things from this text. His life experience cuts through a biting and darkly satirical writing style on this most serious subject and gets to the heart of the matter, namely the modern day causes for addiction as well as the cures to the disease rather than just the symptoms. 5 stars, I am recommending this to everyone I know. Good work Mikey.
  • Stupid Strawberry on Oct. 16, 2012

    Enjoyed the humor in this book, think kids would love it personally. I look forward to reading it to my little nephew Ethan.
  • Reunion: An Erotic Lesbian Love Story on Oct. 16, 2012

    Agree with Sky, this was a sizzler all right. Everything I hope my first experience with another girl will be and more. Can't recommend it enough, keep on writing Eva you've got a new fan.
  • Wetter on Oct. 16, 2012

    definitely hot and steamy, this one.
  • Brianna on Oct. 16, 2012

    Enjoyed this story, Brianna was a good character and the shyness at first and nerves, the tension it all felt so real unlike some of the other stuff I've read. A great read.
  • Surprise at the Library on Oct. 16, 2012

    a hot little tale of seduction but as to which girl is seducing who well who cares I loved it lol.
  • One More Time on April 30, 2014

    Certainly lives up to the name. Wild by name, wild by nature hehe ;) well worth a read.
  • 101 Degrees Fahrenheit on April 30, 2014

    An easy story to get into and be carried along by as it is deeper and more well written than the average tale in this genre.
  • Hannah's Choice on April 30, 2014

    have to agree with the others, an okay read but needs some work and a lot of advertising vs actual content.
  • Stacy and Harold on the Fourth on April 30, 2014

    I'm sure insomniacs would really get something out of this one, it felt that slow to read.
  • How to Lose Money and Irritate People on June 02, 2017

    This is a real eye opener, a sneak peek into a sordid, harsh and unforgiving world. If you like your stories on the wild side you're sure to love this then. I see good things happening for it.
  • Call of Booty on June 20, 2017

    Something a bit different, girl gamers getting hot and heavy with each other. Loved it.