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  • Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town on April 16, 2011

    From my goodreads review: Jimmy Stone's Ghost Town had some good ideas, and I really wanted to like it, but there were too many incongruities to make it pleasurable to read. The Point of view was in first person for a 10 year old boy, yet the vocabulary and thought processes written for Jimmy are that of a much older adolescent or even an adult. This I think was the biggest is hard to imagine yourself in the mind of a 10 year old (and Yes I still remember many of my thoughts and actions and frustrations of that period) with the languages and word usage it is difficult to focus on the stories and events. Another major flaw with this books, is that Mr. Neumyer could not seem to decided which audience this books is for, for the Young reader or the Adult reader. The language issues, made it difficult for me to remain "in" the story. I think that the "quests" need a bit more background. This lack of background makes you less interested in the book... In summary, I think this book has many flaws, some almost fatal. On the one had you have nice story about a kid trying to survive and goes on a quest with his friends...THAT is good. The language and audience and the decision to use first person(and that especially) does not work will for the book. This is a book I really want to like, but at this point I cannot say that I do like it(but I don't really hate it either)...I also think this book would be GREAT once there are a few re-writes...