M.D. special focus on kids, but also dabbles in adult stuff. Listened to many tough real life stories, so I love to delve into a well written tale, with a bit of realism, a bit of magic and a protagonist who survives the challenges.

Smashwords book reviews by Bege

  • Black Sons: Advice That Could Save Your Life! on Nov. 02, 2014

    He starts with drawing as a metaphor for how one can live ones life. He carries on with metaphors and analogies to help youngsters understand stuff when making choices. He obviously likes youngsters and is warning them of the various pitfalls in life. The writing style appeals to what shrinks called the unconscious, or creative, part of the mind. Each person can find an idea that fits his/her life situation and then create his/her own personal answer.
  • Somali Story Book on Nov. 02, 2014

    Lovely pictures that should appeal to small children and simple words they can read tell the stories. Unfortunately proof reading overlooked a for children confusing @ and spelled 'Money' two times instead of Monkey, which means I only give it a 3 star rating.
  • The Hero on Nov. 13, 2014

    The tags and the review by Clare Roxanna give some indication of plot elements without being too spoilerish. An enjoyable read.
  • Gunhild flytter hjemmefra on Nov. 14, 2014

    En trivelig fortelling med noen lysende fargerike illustrasjoner. En barnebok, ja, men med et humoristisk poeng som voksne med kunnskap om danske forhold også kan nyte. A story for young children, with luminescent illustrations, about a little girl who protests against all the rules and regulations at home and tells her calm parents she'll run away. She becomes friends with a grown-up, who just might be the royal consort. They spend the day together before each rebel goes back to face life's regular duties.
  • Who's Next? on Nov. 23, 2014

    This could be the prologue to a longer story. We don't now why the evil-doer does the twisted evil that he does. It is done in a way that could tempt Officer Thompson to break the law in order to save his brother. I would love to read the longer story.
  • My Science Teacher is a Wizard on Nov. 24, 2014

    A very enjoyable tale especially the first two thirds where scenes are crisp and clear and set at a nice pace. After a wizard teacher uses interesting magic in science classes the strong bully starts to befriend the weaker boy. The two boys then cooperate in a final somewhat crowded episode before the bully reverts back to being mean. Since this is to be part of a series, with a different type of teacher for each book, one can forgive the somewhat rushed last third of the story.
  • A Tattered Yellow Ribbon on Nov. 25, 2014

    Excellent writing, but oh, so hard a story to read. The short sentences made me share the short, scared breathing patterns of the loving wife, the fear creeping, receding, creeping back receding.This feels like a textbook example of how it can be to live with a suicidal veteran. In real life, I would want the husband to have trauma-therapy, which I hope was what he was offered 'off stage' in the story.
  • Deep Trouble on Dec. 28, 2014

    I agree with the other reviewers; an enjoyable read indeed.
  • The Lucky Cat - Black Cat Vol. 1 - A Salem Massachusetts Mini Mystery on March 04, 2015

    A little girl's stolen cat gets found by our heroine using Sherlockian powers of observation.
  • West For Love (A Mail Order Romance Novel) (1) (Anna & Thomas) on April 12, 2015

    Sorrow, compassion, shyness, bravery, decency, hope and love are all in this beautiful, gentle story.
  • Desert Rose (A Tale of Nälu, 1) on April 19, 2015

    As the tags say, this is a tragedy about a shapeshifter princess in love. One can hope for a future tale involving her doubly royal son.
  • Love Awakens on April 20, 2015

    This is a NaNoWriMo tale, and the sort of story I would have loved to read as a YA dreaming of finding Mr Right. It reminds me of the old movie, 7 brides for 7 brothers. 10 girls get kidnapped to provide 10 princes with future mates.The blurb describing the citizens of Vrozia makes it sound more complicated than when reading the story. The story is easy to read. There are some stumbling blocks, like funny punctuation at times, and once obviously four not three girls were teleported. The tale was too short for us to get to know all the girls, let alone the princes. We learned that choices were made based on qualities like matching personalities.The author could perhaps revisit this fantasy world, with more mature protagonists, as she had an interesting new take on the giving and taking of blood.
  • Hunt on April 30, 2015

    A newbie girl shifter, Abby, hears human fellow campers being murdered while she is out running in cat form. Her best friend is captured. More gratuitous 'normal' violence in this tale than usual with kick-ass heroines . Rape was early on a threat that fizzled out into plain murder. The juxtaposition of the rapid and mindless violence jarred a bit when set up against almost human Abby's lack of common sense, as when she refused to wait for back-up even after seeing her best friend alone and apparently unmolested.
  • Alice (a short story) on May 01, 2015

    Loved it. And the twisted twist of the ending left things open to imagination.
  • Genesis on May 02, 2015

    The cover hints at the darker tale inside. Young boy. Fence. Wolf. It is obviously the start of a series, and this book sets the scene. Genetic experimentation has now succeeded in creating shifters, who are being brought up in harsh isolation. The twins were released for adoption by mistake, and therefore get kidnapped and taken to a compound for final experiments to make them shift for the first time. The twins and institutionalized wolf shifters manage to escape . The story ends with the awareness that there are more youngsters in similar straits elsewhere, all needing rescue and (re)habilitation.
  • Garden of the Wolf #1 (BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance) on May 09, 2015

    I loved the writing and had expected a longer tag after the two had fallen for each other, since the author had hinted at werewolfy secrets. That feeling, that there was a chapter or two or three missing, to tempt me to look for the next book, causes me to give it a 4 star review. As it stands it is a 'Girl meets boy.The end ' tale.
  • In Vino Veritas on June 04, 2015

  • The Summer Dress on June 14, 2015

    A nicely paced chatty start sets the scene. The end is unexpected, this is after all part of a series of horror tales. Thinking back, there was only a teeny, tiny hint of foreshadowing.
  • Not Alone on June 18, 2015

    A strange little story, I think it was about a family tackling the mother's illness.
  • The Rozar Park Mystery on July 16, 2015

    In this tale we meet a modern-day Sherlock Holmes with a mysterious past history. He notices things others oversee, and helps the poiice solve the crime. I look forward to further adventures.
  • The Sheriff of Tesco on July 16, 2015

    I have some knowledge of PTSD and wanted to see how it was dealt with in fiction. Not all react as Rambo. This tale had a widow , mourning her thrill seeking military husband, meeting a guilt ridden veteran. Many military type acronyms gave a certain flavour to the tale, as if in the mind of the soldier. However I can't see one of the pivotal scenes as being realistic. A deaf Afghanian woman runs towards a group of male British soldiers. She has a note, presumably written in English, not Dari or whatever her language is, otherwise it would not be of use, warning them about a nearby bomb. Someone reads it after she is killed by the Marine who is primed to see her as a potential suicide bomber . He and the authorities learn about the note and politics intervene. All sorts of mistakes get made in war, affecting both civilian and military, with more or less valid extenuating circumstances. The ex Marine seems to have been exceptionally badly and underhandedly treated by the British authorities afterwards. It is unclear if he knows about the on-going punishment or if it is the author giving us third person type information. The widow seems to have been offered some therapy, and I would have liked the ex Marine to be offered help in dealing with his various trauma. His job was to protect his fellows when something very strange happened; there was no way for him to know the woman had good intentions. As the Americans say, hindsight is twenty-twenty.
  • Finding Kindness on July 16, 2015

    A lovely magic realism type story.
  • More Than Meets the Eye on July 17, 2015

    A very enjoyable read. Good analytic review by Tim Pollard. Various weak plotting elements did not detract from the tale, and the spelling mistakes were easy to overlook. A bit clichéd that a Russian, living for many years in USA, with a good vocabulary, couldn't say 'yes' or 'no' in English.
  • Von winter geboren on July 21, 2015

    A querky comic noir with only a few easy to fathom German words; the pictures tell it all.
  • Gemstones and Gravestones on July 22, 2015

    A different, perhaps (in the best way) old fashioned, slow mystery. Some might say a cozy mystery, with a dash of supernatural. Recent widow Betty is confused in her daily life, but also talks to her husband's ghost, making her seem even more batty. She also has dreams warning of trouble to come. When it occurs her friends prove invaluable, with a bit of help from the ghost and her friend's tiny dog.
  • The Phantom Photograph on July 22, 2015

    For the young in heart. Valuable gold coins are stolen from a museum to join the private collection of a rich man. We meet up with some of the characters introduced in Gemstones and Gravestones It enriches the tale to have previously met the protagonists, though the story can stand on its own. The supernatural element has been expanded, but is better integrated in the plot, with a wisp of humour. The baddies finally get caught also this time with the help of animals and ghosts. Not to mention a photograph with moving pictures.
  • Piece by Piece on July 22, 2015

    This is a fun tale combining clairvoyance and mystery.
  • The League of Decent Chaps on Aug. 01, 2015

    An artist friend said her main task was to peel away the unnecessary. I plowed through a plethora of words to discover it was only the setting of the scene, an introduction to the main story. Unfortunately I then dropped out. EM could, perhaps, tighten his description initially. I seldom drop out of a story where I intend to give a first review as thanks for the read. 1 star.
  • The Last Day of Avalon on Aug. 01, 2015

    Lovely cover. Whetted the appetite for a rollicking tale of dragons and riders. However the contents gave only a brief glimpse of a dragon and the rider. If ignoring the tempting cover, this is a nice enough short tale of big brother going to fetch little brother and in the process they get a helpful ride on a dragon. Some curious unexplained details may be elements of world building for future stories.
  • A Fine and Private Place on Aug. 02, 2015

    A great story. An ordinary, older, decent man starts picking at a loose thread when his job as a volunteer firefighter lets him hear the last words of the victim of a road accident. Knowing the victim's nature, he cannot see him driving so dangerously he would veer off the road. Could the last words of the dying man, 'umvee' mean he merely was the victim of a hit and run? The truth is much worse. There is violence but it is somewhat neutrally described, as is a short sexual episode. Women can also enjoy this men's adventure if they (we) can shrug at bad things mentioned but not elaborated.
  • On the Streets for Alison on Aug. 05, 2015

    A nicely paced PI tale. Two tough guys working together decide to help a former navy comrade find his missing college student sister. An abduction starts to seem likely. There are some humorous lines but also violence, often done by our protagonists as the-tough-guy-way-to-get-answers. The friends trust each other implicitly, but even after a decade or two they obviously still don't know all there is to know about each other. There are some elementary typos and punctuation mistakes, fairly easy to ignore and keep on reading.
  • Punishing Polly, Bratty Little Students Need To Get Spanked on Aug. 16, 2015

    A horny girl dreams of then gets taken by her hot older teacher.
  • Lady Ceremony: A Silver Universe Story on Aug. 23, 2015

    I don't know the series, found this and enjoyed it. As in the tag's 'anthropological werewolves, ' one can see parallels to many human situations in this tale. Strong willed teenager. Stubborn father. Daughter challenges boundaries. It does not go as planned. Father helps her solve her problem. His stubbornness then puts them at risk but she starts to use her wits and all ends well.
  • Justice and Sophie on Sep. 12, 2015

    A nicely crafted short story. Girl lost her wings and gave up her life as an angel because she refused to mate with a stranger and risk the unhappiness she had seen in others. She has looked for love on earth, but not yet found it. An assassin-angel turns up to fight a demon, and becoming attracted to the warrior she has to face up to the real cost of her rebellion.
  • Mist on Sep. 12, 2015

    The stage was quickly set to prepare us for a heroine living in a nebulous, misty, world. "His generosity saw him have three children with three different women." Ken, Kennedy, is found dead, shot, in the special suit that he only wears when dealing with trusted people. His family has money, and hidden power. Rose, the widow, knows, yet does not know, about secrets. Ken was a good father, and she wants to spare the children from knowing what might be called facts until they are older. We can only guess that she does it to protect them from questions and thus the danger of certain knowledge. We learn bits and pieces, and an awareness of something else that is not quite right starts developing . A fascinating look into the mist.
  • Smith on Sep. 13, 2015

    An enjoyable whodunnit. As the tale unfolds we learn and understand the motive/s behind the primary crimes. A secondary major crime gets introduced, via a deus ex machina subplot. This crime and its consequences can be a theme for later books. The solutions for the first crimes took some time getting solved, with bickering and blustering amongst colleagues. Chance meetings, however, quickly cast light over the secondary theme coupled with a mixture of serendipity and excessive violence to a kind person.
  • Transmutation on Sep. 17, 2015

    The English was mixed. I thought at first it was careless and bad proofreading, and wanted to stop reading. I decided to persevere and gradually realized that the author had a largish vocabulary, but was not quite at home in the English language. "My head was bandaged, so does my left eye....I requested for my bill." Deciding to finish the tale, I found it had a protagonist who seemed to get possessed. If you liked "The Matrix" you will find a similar theme here. Things are not as they appear. This hero suddenly went off to kill a friend, succeeded, then found out the friend was still alive. He then was given certain information, had to fight, kill, and then was told that he had not been given the true facts. The protagonist ended up making the campus safer for others but at a price.
  • Against The Odds on Oct. 11, 2015

    YOUNGER READERS would probably enjoy this tale of challenge, fight and comradeship. This could be the introduction to later tales, revealing the meeting of a group of mercenaries. As an older person, some things niggled. In a time when gold coins and swords and maybe even muskets were common, did innkeepers have beakers, taking 3 pints at a time? Did innkeepers use a measuring scoop to take beer from a barrel? It would have to be a strong animal that gave rise to a large drinking horn that did not shatter during fights. I ended with the idea that the demand for 3 pints was the author's way of showing how manly these guys were and the horn to indicate a Scandinavian background, as the spoken words/ dialects had served to identify the others. I did not question, however, the bounty being paid out with no trophy as proof.
  • Falcon of the Night on Oct. 11, 2015

    After reading and enjoying this, I was reminded of Patrick Rothfuss' The Name of the Wind, and the movie Spy Game. There is darkness, mystery, mentorship, deceit and misdirection in this tale of spies in bygone ages.
  • Bewitching the Werewolf on Oct. 14, 2015

    An enjoyable read. I would have liked to have known more about Megan before she took this gig. We learn about the years' searching for a mate done by Zach, whose alpha status means other wolves can't conceive as long as he is unmated. He does finally find his mate, helped by the witch,
  • Sleeping With the Band on Oct. 17, 2015

    After a groupie type sexual encounter with the vocalist, Lauren discovers how and why she was chosen. She doesn't like that fact, and for some reason choses to strike back by going to the papers with her story. The band does not like that, and press charges against both Lauren and Duke, the latter having told her about the band's tricks. They get to know each other and prove to have some surprising things in common. The story feels like a mixture, with modern groupie type obsession coupled with old fashioned morals, making it a bit illogical, but otherwise a nice enough read.
  • An Unexpected Twist on Oct. 17, 2015

    An enjoyable romance.
  • Death Checks Inn (Aspen Valley Inn Series Book 1) on Oct. 23, 2015

    Disappointing. The setting had possibilities, but the story telling was, how to put it, amateurish. The characters were flat, we got told how they felt. So they were all a bit boring. The female did no real sleuthing, just mooned after the handsome sheriff. At least there was mention of delicious meals.
  • Wicked vs. Wicked on Oct. 23, 2015

    A good read. Don't want to be spoilerish about this duel and how it ends.
  • Everything You Do 1 on Oct. 23, 2015

    A romance with a slight twist. This time it is the man who has a tormented past. His friend and business partner, is a curvy woman some years older than him. She found him when he was traumatized and took care of him. Some years later, they have a pattern of sorts. After enjoying mild bondage sex with other women, he showers and goes to her place. There he can sleep feeling safe. When her father dies, things change for them both.
  • The Only Letter to Get your Ex Back on Oct. 23, 2015

    If you both have a personality disorder that thrives on conflict and ambivalence and are wary of real commitment...if the break-up was a spur of the moment thing... if the ex even opens the letter...if the ex has not thought it out before hand... if the ex has not moved on emotionally...if you really want someone who just ups and leaves... I think this is more like action seen in a romantic tale, not in real life with fairly normal people. Sorry. Put the 1 star to double the impact of HN's otherwise 0.
  • Unforgiven Pleasure on Oct. 23, 2015

    An enjoyable glimpse into a fantasy world with shapeshifters and mysterious Sentinels. There is base treachery, fortuitous, or is it, rescue and since this is a short romance, also instant love. This could be expanded and become a full length start to a series.
  • Coyote Sings Fox's Praises (A Short Short Story) on Nov. 01, 2015

  • Cornered Magic on Dec. 09, 2015

    This reads like the start of a series, where we get to meet the main character/s in a ghetto- like reservation for powerful people, and ends with hints of (many) more episodes to come. We have our lonely ostracised female protagonist living in a dysfunctional family. Her parents want her to leave home, which in this culture means she must marry someone. People shun and fear her. Two things happen. A powerful attractive man way out of her league enters her life, and she realises she has no real future. She only has two friends, and to help one of them avoid prison agrees to use her powers in what sounds like an illegal mission. If it fails she will probably die or go to prison, either way her parents will be better off.
  • The Tradesman on Dec. 09, 2015

    A young man is constantly on the go, dealing and travelling a lot, trading goods. He sometimes feels guilty, buying cheaply from people in need, and selling later at a profit. He has saved some money, and starts to question his priorities. The turning point is when he does a small thing that will give him no benefit at all. The tale then does an unexpected 90 degree turn, when a potential love interest now literally knocks on his door.Needless to say, the previous small deed proves to be very beneficial. The characters seem somewhat flat, as if they are just there to illustrate a fable about it not being nice to be too greedy.
  • A Boy with a Unicorn on Dec. 09, 2015

    Several things were a bit jumbled and/or misleading. The cover hinted at a nice tale of friendship between a boy and his unicorn. There was a unicorn, but no boy, instead a young warrior. Mary a commoner or knights daughter with a tiara marries a widowed lord to provide an heir, and thus spare everyone from an evil fate. The bad guy apparently is a sorcerer and causes a storm that drowns Mary's father and probably her husband; it is a bit unclear if his body was found. She is rescued by the secret warrior and decides to seduce him to produce an heir. The end.
  • Moon Madness on Dec. 09, 2015

    This was an enjoyable read about a human teenager in a werewolf family testing limits. This gives rise to various problems but he manages to solve almost all of them himself. This story stands nicely alone but there is nothing to prevent Roy from having more bad ideas leading to various new adventures.
  • The Wolf's Victim on Dec. 09, 2015

    There are two or three surprises in this tale of love and danger.
  • The Ox-bow Island Adventure on Dec. 20, 2015

    A nice cozy detective story. The mystery man has some unexplained abilities, enabling him to deduce what the baddies are up to. We must just take it at face value, we don't know why or how he knows so much about crime.
  • The Squadron Inn Mystery on Dec. 20, 2015

    We meet up again with Chris and his knowledge of crime and criminals, but don't get much further in learning about his past. Too many mistakes in this tale for it to be completely satisfactory.Chris greets and recognises by name a law enforcement officer, and is almost pressed to reveal his past. A handy note revealing the hiding place of the stolen jewels is found. Officers share information about an old crime. They get together to catch the burglar, now after many years silence, trying to collect some of the jewels he stole. Chris knew where to do the best stake out. The baddie was caught and Chris knew who he was. This tale is a bit over the top.Still, a cozy mystery, no dead bodies.
  • Forever and Ever on Jan. 11, 2016

    This story seems aimed at youngish teenagers. It is a tale of love and loss and resolution. There are illogical parts, as pointed out by hrhsophia, but younger readers would probably not notice them. There are very many similar stories aimed at teenagers, and for this one to be recommended, editing should have been done by someone more proficient in English. New readers need to be immersed in correct language, for it to become automatic. The better their language skills, the better chances they have of getting on in life, be it in school or later employment. Some passages in this tale could pass as colourful writing (..pulled her legs up onto the chair and covered her face in them..) Others were a bit less charming (...didn't say anything with betrayed eyes...) And then others just jarred (..What do you got to lose?..) I give this 2 stars as there there is promise of a good writer emerging.
  • The Formula on Jan. 17, 2016

    An enjoyable tale.
  • The Very Best of Bad Luck Brian on Jan. 17, 2016

    Short snappy episodes. If you liked the old two liners: 'Daddy, I don't want to go to America. 'Shut up and keep swimming.' you will enjoy The Very Best of Bad Luck Brian.
  • Carats on Jan. 21, 2016

    This tale is short enough for the story to be interesting. We get to meet an Ivana and just have to accept her deductive abilities.
  • Wolfheart: A Heartblaze Novelette on Feb. 22, 2016

    A quirky little tale, in essence one where girl (re-)meets boy. I liked the feel of the protagonists. There were easter egg type names, too, giving rise to various associations. I would like to read a follow up. This tale had sheep, dogs, chickens, goats and a slingshot as weapon. Despite an old truck, I would not have bat an eyelid if a sword or two turned up. No swords, just a fine SUV, a phone and a good and bad werewolf.
  • The Basement Vault on Feb. 25, 2016

    Fast paced crime noir, one forgets logic and keep on reading while the bullets fly.
  • Maid for a Dragon on Feb. 11, 2017

    A nice, whimsical story. It can safely be read to/by children who have a sense of humour
  • The Mystery of the First to Find Society on June 12, 2018

    Geocaching is an outdoor sport, where First to Find is important. A man is injured, trying to get a small cache off from the neck of a bull.The mysterious Chris then understands what lies behind the pattern of very dangerous caches and helps set a trap to catch the villain