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Phair is a part time writer and full time dreamer. She lives on the east coast of the US. The town is a peninsula hanging into the icy Atlantic at the mouth of Boston Harbor. In the heat of summer, the ocean provides cool breezes. But in the heart of winter, batters the coast with gales. It makes for a hearty New England life which she share with three furry companions, Dakota and the brothers Cat; Calvin and Hobbes.

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Anders writes when the muse bites (that bitch) and believes that a double cheeseburger is a food group, along with dark chocolate bounty bars. Her interest in horror started with Poe and escalated out of control over the next few decades from Sturgeon to Wagner to Barker to King to Rendell to Campbell. She has read every story Lovecraft wrote at least twice. Other interests include Sci-Fi and gay erotica (sparked off by the Penguin Book of Gay Short Stories she picked up one day at the UNSW on-campus bookshop as a bored post-grad.)

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