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  • Claimed on Aug. 02, 2011

    Claimed is a gorgeous short novella which I would have liked to have been a bit longer but at the same time was written and completed perfectly as it was. I can't believe how jealous I am of Jessica her life sounds just so perfect and I could easily see myself hanging out with her and the lokoti werewolf tribe. This was such a wonderful and at times quite funny story. Jessica has just had the week from hell on a terrible camping trip with her boyfried and his friends. All she wants is to get to her motel so she can get a plane home the next day. They end out stopping at a small town bar though and all that Jessica's boyfriend and his friends want to do is drink and drink. Jessica is diabetic though and her blood sugar level is quite low not that any of them seem to care. Luckily for Jessica the local perfect Mr tall, dark and handsome comes to her rescue by offering orange juice, a meal and a lift to her motel room. Jessica is hesitant but accepts and after this night her life will change forever.
  • Scent on Aug. 02, 2011

    I enjoyed this book and it was great to read another story from the Lokoti tribe. I felt the story was a little slow at times and I had a bit of trouble getting into the Circulator part of it but there was also a lot of action packed in there not to mention some nice steamy moments. When the action was happening it was extremely hard to put the book down and kept me mesmerised. I have a terrible Declan addiction and found that if there were 3, 5 pages in a row where his name wasn't mentioned I started having withdrawals. I can't wait to hear what will be happening in the Lokoti tribe next. Bianca lives with the Lokoti tribe, her mother is a circulator and her father is a Lokoti werewolf. Bianca is the last circulator in the world but that's not all that Bianca is. Without giving away too much of the storyline Bianca discovers one night that she is so much more than just a circulator. Bianca's life is turned upside down and inside out by the discovery and she is put in the position where she has to choose between what she wants and what the Lokoti werewolves want. It is a story that will make you laugh and make you cry.
  • Spirit Storm (Spirit Guide, #2) on Aug. 02, 2011

    Alrighty after spending a few days in bed sick and not been well enough to read or do anything I finally got to finish Spirit Storm. I am loving this series and Spirit Storm picks up perfectly where She Smells The Dead finished. I realised one of the reasons I am loving this series so much is because so far there are no messy love triangles, no I love you but can't be with you because I am too dangerous talk. Yuki and Cal are simply in love and nothing else matters, plus they have two awesome sidekicks in Emma and Simon. Yuki is preparing herself for Samhain, a night where all the spirits are going to be coming to town and looking for her. Yuki is not ready for this and needs to find a way to survive. This is a task in itself but when one werewolf turns up dead and another goes missing the gang need to find out who is targeting the werewolves and put a stop to it. Danger and trouble is around every corner in this story and keeps you wanting more and more. The ending was gorgeous and now I just have to begin my not so patient wait until October.
  • Vampires Rule on Sep. 30, 2011 This book had a very refreshing and unique take on the whole vampire/werewolf thing. I thought it was quite funny that in Vampire's Rule the vampire's can't drink alcohol, in almost all other vampire books this seems to be a necessity. The story had a good flow to it and also had a decent amount of suspense in there. I was a little disappointed towards the end but then as I read on that changed to me thinking no way did that just happen and then by the end I was sitting there thinking well now I am going to have to read the next story and soon because I want to know how it is going to end. Jack is a vampire who once every year returns home to check on his old home and to also check on his brother who is still alive. Jack's parents were killed by a werewolf and Jack himself should have died in the attack as well but was saved by a vampire named Summer. While checking on the house Jack decides to also go and check out the graveyard where his parents are buried and where he is supposed to be buried. While there Jack sees a young girl around his age who is about to get eaten by a werewolf, Jack steps in to save her but what he doesn't know is that the girl, Silver is actually a hunter and is more than capable of defending herself against a werewolf. Jack however, interferes and ends out getting attacked by the werewolf this should mean that Jack should die but there are other plans in place for Jack. Jack and Silver are part of a prophecy that was written ages and ages ago, Jack and Silver are the only ones who can kill the very first werewolf that was created and if they can do this then werewolves will cease to exist. Killing the first born werewolf is going to be a tough task though and there is a lot at stake including the lives of their family and their own. Opening Line: The vampire stood in the shadows and stared up at the farmhouse he used to call home. No longer the bright sunny yellow his mum had chosen, the exterior had been covered with a mutated olive tone. This small difference knocked Jack off-balance. For a fraction of second he thought he might be at the wrong address. Had his brother sold the farm? Favourite Line: We all have a destiny, known or unknown. Our choice is to run from it or embrace it. Chooose well. Favourite Character: I really liked Lily and I wish we could have seen a lot more from her. She reminds me a lot of myself and I think she could have been a lot of fun. K.C Blake's Blog:
  • Werewolves Rule on Oct. 03, 2011

    I have to say this is a very tough review to do because the way I felt about the book seemed to change quite dramatically depending on where I was up to. I did like that I thought I knew exactly what was going on and I was half right on one thing but a lot of the story really surprised me. I was a little surprised that there wasn't really much about Cowboy in this story but the new characters definitely made things interesting. I was slightly disappointed in some things but overall the story did keep me interested and I am interested to now how things are going to develop in "Shifters Rule" especially after the tease ending. Werewolves Rule picks up a few months after Vampires Rule ended and the beginning few chapters are quite confusing. Jack has been hunting with his brother Billy and one night while out hunting they are confronted by a couple of pumped up werewolves, these werewolves attack not only with their claws but also with silver knives. Jack gets stabbed by one of the werewolves and while Billy and Jack make their getaway it becomes apparent that Jack isn't recoving as quickly as he should. Jack also has an interesting dream while they are making their getaway, in this dream he is between Silver and another woman and the other woman who seems familiar to him ends out killing him in his dream. Later that night back at the house Jack is still having trouble recovering when a group of vampires turn up wanting to kill him, Jack is losing the battle when the mysterious girl from his dream turns up and takes out all the vampires except one in a matter of seconds. This leaves Jack with a lot to deal with, the mysterious girl that has shown up with a past that he never knew about, the problems that are developing between him and Silver, the fact that both vampires and werewolves are hunting him and wanting him dead and of course the whole destiny thing with Jersey. Opening Line: Blood seeped through Jack's tightly aligned fingers. No matter how hard he pressed on the wound, it continued to hemorrhage and he was beyond scared. During his time as a vampire, Jack had become unusually attuned to the workings of his own body. He didn't need a psychic to tell him that he was in deep trouble. The blood should have stopped flowing by now. In fact the wound should have healed over fifteen minutes ago. Favourite Line: "There is always some truth in every lie. They tangle together in a tightly woven trap. Your mission is to figure out which part is the lie and which part is the truth". Favourite Character: So I know that this is probably going to sound a bit weird but to be completely honest both Jack and Silver really annoyed me quite a lot in this book to the point that I wanted to reach in and kill them both myself. Therefore, my favourite character was actually Vanessa, I liked her a lot in Vampires Rule and in Werewolves Rule we got to see more of her and I really liked the way that she carried herself. K.C Blake's Blog: