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Smashwords book reviews by Jessica Fernnadez

  • The Happy Manager: How to Make Your Team Happy and Increase Productivity on Dec. 17, 2015

    An essential manual for every manager or business owner. Learn how to foster loyalty and independence and lower employee turnover rates. By following these helpful and knowledgeable tips you can learn how to improve your hiring practices to better ensure the quality of your employees and develop effective strategies for motivating and better understanding your employees. An invaluable tool and a great read !
  • Fairalon on Jan. 28, 2016

    A magical and whimsical adventure fit for the entire family! A little girl is suddenly thrust into a world that she believed only lived in imaginations. After years of feeling different and acting strangely she discovers the real reasons behind her uniqueness. After her grandmother's death she along with her father move into her house and then everything goes topsy turvy. Missing children, dolls that seem to come to life and portals to fairlands, her life is thrown into a literal fairytale. She must accept her heritage and fight to protect those around her from evil forces. A delightful story wrapped in a fantastic bow ! A fun read filled with all the elements needed to captivate and enchant young readers. I give this one two wands up !