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BEN GALLEY was born in sunny England in 1987. Since then he has written books, dreamt a great many dreams, and insistently become a nuisance. Those of you who frequent the sandy shores of the English isle might have seen the wanted posters. Fear not.

At 24, Ben is one of the youngest Self-Published authors in the UK. He released his debut book - THE WRITTEN, the first in the fast-paced fantasy Emaneska Series, in early 2011, after writing most of it on his mobile phone while working at a number of bars and pasty vendors... The sequel and second in the series - PALE KINGS, is now finished and set for a global release on the 29th of February 2012. Both books have received great reviews from all over the world, and Ben continues to go from strength to strength.

Ben has been writing ever since he could hold a pencil and currently spends his time telling tall tales and daydreaming on park benches. He prides himself in being a downright nice chap, an upstanding English gentleman, and an all-round closet hooligan. Worryingly for the rest of us, he still believes in dragons. He won’t tell you where they’re hiding, because that’s a secret, but he will tell you about them in great detail.

As a DIY publisher, Ben does everything by himself. He writes, edits, sketches the maps, does the marketing... even this website was crafted by his very hands. Ben regularly tours the country doing signings and workshops, allowing him to meet a great many interesting people on his journeys. He is a frequent guest speaker and lecturer on the subject of Self-Publishing, and is eager to share his knowledge with everyone and anyone. He also writes self-help blogs and offers consultancy services on the subject too. Ben is incredibly zealous about inspiring other authors and writers. He has recently started a series of self-help blogs and released a clothing and merchandise line inspired by the Emaneska Series and his ethos. He wants to encourage others to turn their passion into their profession and follow their wildest dreams.

Aside from writing and lecturing, Ben dabbles in music, surfing, and apparently owns an acre on the moon. Ben can be found being loquacious and attempting to be witty on Twitter, or hiding in your garden shed.

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