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  • Patriotic Treason on Nov. 05, 2011

    Patriotic Treason by Christopher Nuttall. This cannot be a first novel! The characterizations are too good -- no cardboard cutouts here -- and the combat action sequences are very well done. Of especial note, I think, is Mune: not all of the major characters actively hate the regime. Good! (Read the book to discover what I mean.) As noted in a previous review, the services of a good copy editor would be beneficial. One example: on page 18, we are told that "[we are one a] collusion course," Um... well, that's one sense of "getting together," as is "collision." Another: fairly early on, it's "Admiral Hoover," and later it's "General Hoover." Brothers? Same fella, service transfer? OK, that's nitpicking. I liked this story, as implausible as it might be, and look forward to "Martial Law: Book Two."