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Ben Kreiselman was born and raised in Miami, Florida. As a teenager, his family relocated to his current town, Melbourne, Florida. He used to play in a rock band in his teens. He has a lot of original music copyrighted from back then. When his first daughter was born, he walked away from music entirely. He didn’t want to raise her around that type of environment. Once she was born, he decided to start his own glamour shots photography business, and a few years later he had a second daughter. Eventually he decided to close down the photography business and got into landscaping. He enjoys growing fruits and vegetables as well as various types of exotic plants.
He began writing on and off during his spare time, then decided in November 2011 to write a full length novel. That novel turned into his debut The Rose of Provins. He gets all of his book ideas from his dreams. He wakes up in the middle of the night and writes down what he remembers, then adds a little fiction the next day. Ben is currently working on his second novel, and hopes to have it released in 2014.

Smashwords Interview

Let’s start things off with an introduction. Tell us a little about yourself for those not already aware of you and your work.
I was born into an extremely creative family. Most of the people in my family have some type of creative talent that can “wow” you. Personally, I used to play in a rock band in my teens. I have a lot of original music I copyrighted from back then. When my first daughter was born, I walked away from music entirely. I didn’t want to raise her around that type of environment. Once she was born, I decided to start my own glamour shots photography business, and a few years later I had a second daughter.
Around that same time frame, the first thing that triggered me writing The Rose of Provins happened. I was in Vero Beach waiting to book a hair salon for a photo shoot. I was sitting in the waiting room reading a magazine when I noticed an Indian lady sitting across from me staring holes through me. I looked up and gave her a nod and a smile, then went back to reading the mag. The lady never flinched or even changed her expression. She just kept staring holes through me. So, finally I got up, set the book down and said “Hi, I’m Ben.” As I shook her hand she told me “You’re a writer.” I looked at her funny and told I had written and copyrighted songs. She shook her head and told me I was writing a book. At that point she had my full attention, because I was indeed working on a book that’s still sitting in my desk unfinished. She went on to tell me that someday in the future I was going to inspire people, and that I was going to eventually make a lot of money doing it. As she got up and walked out, she turned back to me and told me if I didn’t continue to write that I would be a pauper. I sat there kind of dumbfounded. There was no way in hell that lady could have known I was writing a book. Especially with my hair down, I looked more like some rock n roll punk than a writer.
Fifteen years passed with me still working and raising my kids. I had put down the novel I was working on and had forgotten about the psychic lady. I also dropped the photography business and went into landscaping. Then the second thing happened that triggered me writing The Rose of Provins. I was sitting at a Super Bowl party drinking beers with some random people. At the end of the night, I got up to leave and was shaking hands with the people around me. The last person I shook hands with was this little grey haired old lady. She gripped my hand tight and wouldn’t let go. She was clearly half drunk and looked up at me all cross-eyed and said “You’re special!” I laughed and shook my head thinking “Damn, granny thinks she’s gonna score some young stuff.” So I asked her what she meant. She told me I was going to create something and I would eventually make a lot of money from it. Then went on to tell me that one day I would inspire people. She totally killed whatever little bit of buzz I had at that point. I instantly thought of the Indian lady and what she had told me. I realized that that was now two times in my life that random people that could not know me from Adam saw something in me and told me basically the same exact thing. I went home and told my wife about it and she told me I better get busy writing. So, instead of picking up the old book, I started a new one. The Rose of Provins.
As for all the things the two psychics said to me, the money and inspiring people, I guess we will have to see. Although, I did stumble onto an old creative writing teacher that has asked me to come and do a seminar for his classes at one of the local high schools. So maybe that could be the part where I could inspire people. We’ll see. =)
The Rose of Provins is your first published novel; can you let us in on where the idea for the story came from? And how long it took you to turn the dream of writing it into reality?
Well, as I said, I run my own landscaping business. So I would go out and work in the hot Florida sun all day, then come home and write two or three pages per day. So I actually finished writing it in a little under seven months. But you can tack on another six months’ worth of waiting for the editing, formatting and cover art to be done. The main delay was waiting for slots to open up for the work to begin. Next time all that will happen faster because I understand the process now.
The idea for all my books comes directly from my dreams. I have a folder full of all kinds of weird dreams I’ve had. I wake up in the middle of the night from a really intense dream and grab my notebook and write it down in the dark. Then I will pick one out and mould it with a little creative fiction. I have some really neat stories coming in the future. Stay tuned.
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The Rose of Provins
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 75,580. Language: English. Published: September 7, 2013. Categories: Fiction » Romance » Historical, Fiction » Romance » Suspense
Emma’s peaceful life was shattered by a fateful trip to the flea market. She met a man who made her skin crawl and, for reasons she couldn’t understand, gave her an old diary. Within the diary, her dreams and nightmares were recorded as if by magic. Her only hope to unravel the mystery of the diary and her horrifying dreams lies in the hands of a handsome stranger named Jack.

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