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  • Fallen Angel Tribulations on Feb. 02, 2010

    I was surprised how good it was. I thought it might be some s claptrap. But it was quite different and a lot better than I expected. Well worth reading!
  • I Am Jesus on Feb. 02, 2010

    This great piece answered some things I have always always wondered about. It is entertaining and very true from what I know. Great job!
  • Pay Back Clyde on Feb. 02, 2010

    This was a very good and funny piece. It was clever and creative with a good ending.
  • Death of the USA on Feb. 02, 2010

    This was a surprisingly good novel. I couldn't stop reading it. The story was fast moving and funny. I loved the style and the story line. It was very satisfying escape reading.
  • Spitting on the Devil on Feb. 02, 2010

    The humor in this kept me going as well as the fascinating look at hell. The ending was even better.
  • I Am Jesus on Feb. 02, 2010

    This proves that a short piece can have an incredible punch. A new book just came out covering much the same thing in many more words and for several dollars. This piece is the first and best.