Benjamin Samizdat


Benjamin Samizdat is the nom de plume of MV Jones used for fiction writing. Ben started out from humble beginnings. After losing his first job as Analyst-Therapist, or Analrapist, he struggled to find work until landing an unexpected position as a weekend fill-in for Captain Underpants. This is where Ben realized he wanted to work in the Hero Industry, despite the typical low-pay and poor benefit packages. He soon began landing gigs such as Sentinel of Seal Bay, Champion of Chesterfield, Protector of Pretoria, Hero of Halifax and Avenger of Aberdeen.

With his resume filling out nicely, Ben soon became the epitome of upward mobility, obtaining more important positions such as the Event-planner for the Chief Evil-Fighter of Earth, Assistant-Secretary to the Supreme Savior of the Solar System, Groundskeeper for the Guardian of the Galaxy, Urban-Planner for the Ultimate Defender of the Universe, Tea-Taster for the Council of Time-lord’s and Career-planner for the Commander of the Cosmos.

After numerous interviews, Ben almost landed the coveted job as Ancillary Jr. Chief Executive Officer in Charge of Everything, but the position was downsized and instead he became the Benefits-manager for the Best There Is, the Best There Was and the Best There Ever Will Be. Ben has now retired to write his memoirs and can often be found sipping a stiff drink at the Optimist Club reminiscing about his Hero-Career so that the little people may live vicariously through his mighty exploits.

Mark V Jones is Ben's alter-ego who has been diligently working on a serialized project for over 25 years. Mark currently lives in Boise, Idaho where he works menial labor jobs and mostly just monomaniacally works on this project.


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