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  • The Last Killer Standing on May 10, 2012

    Like the last reviewer, I like a good cop story and this is defiantly that. I've read most of Patterson’s books though his early books, when he was writing by himself, are better, in my mind, than his later books that he is co-authoring. I really think if I were to compare this author’s writings to anyone’s, it would have to be Patterson. In some ways, this was a better book than any of Patterson's books. It was easy to like the characters you were supposed to like and hate the others. They were fully developed and you could almost feel their joys and pains. The book starts fast and furious and never stops though it does slow down a bit at times. I looked for other books by this author but there is only one other novel, a fantasy. Generally I don’t like that type of book, but considering how much I liked this one, I may give that one a read as well. I hope he writes other books like this one soon.