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  • The Burning Boy on June 02, 2012

    "The Burning Boy" is a fast-paced adventure that deals with the situation of Steve Saunders, a Vietnam Vet suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - a condition that has affected so many who survived the War, and that has wrecked so many lives in the process. It is a convincing study of a person battling with this condition and, for those of us who know Vets so afflicted, an all too familiar situatioon. Set in both 1967 and the present day, the author creates a believable post-war atmosphere and the story relates how Steve becomes caught up in a cruel people-smuggling racket through his friendship with Tan, a Vietnamese youth, and their efforts in trying to bring the callous smugglers to justice. The writing is pacy, the situation totally believable, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The saddening thing is that nothing much has changed - we still have illegal refugees being separated from their money and enduring dreadful conditions on packed boats only to arrive in Australia to be locked up in refugee centres, with freedom still being elusive. Most of all, this book is a homage to the brave survivors of the Vietnam War who did their duty and fought for their country, only to return home scarred forever by their experiences, and shunned by many of their countryfolk who opposed the War, and a Government that didn't care. For those of us who remember the War, it stirs many memories, and for those not old enough to remember, I hope it explains why so many survivers have problems, and how bloody pointless war is. All in all, a damn good read!
  • The Tourist From the Light on June 04, 2012
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    I recently finished reading "The Tourist from the Light" by Bryon Williams, and LOVED it! Bryon Williams writes well and intelligently about spiritual beliefs without ramming his theories down our throats. The concepts of Reincarnation, Survival of the Spirit after death, and the reason for being (The Meaning of Life?) are dealt with in a way that makes total sense and is also entertaining. Two of the characters are carers for their disabled wives, and their individual love stories are both moving and realistic - probably due to the fact that Mr. Williams has drawn on his own experiences. He covers the frustration of the two men in dealing with their personal situations - the resentment that they sometimes feel, and the resulting guilt that this creates. I imagine this aspect would be very helpful to people in a similar situation. This is a good read, and uplifting in so many ways.
  • The Reluctant Psychic on Aug. 30, 2012

    I’ve just finished “The Reluctant Psychic” by Bryon Williams and thoroughly enjoyed it. Bryon’s latest offering relates the efforts of a deceased Police Detective – yes, a ghost! -to solve her own murder and a few other related crimes with the assistance of an eccentric psychic who has become disillusioned by her treatment from the police in a previous attempt to assist them with an investigation – hence “reluctant”. It gives an intriguing and humorous twist to the crime genre, and although the ghostly intervention might be seen as a tad “woo-woo” by some, several TV documentaries have been made displaying both the successes and failures of psychics in searching for missing people. Given the current popularity of Sci-Fi and Fantasy on TV and in Film, and the success of shows like “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer”, Bryon’s book is a no-brainer to be adapted for television! I think there would be a huge audience out there that would love it!
  • The Tourist From the Light on Sep. 10, 2012

    Neglected to give a star rating in my review - FIVE stars for Tourist!
  • The Tourist From the Light on Sep. 10, 2012
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    Review by: Marye-Ann Azzarello of the Whitelight Magazine "Bryon Williams has written an exciting and inspiring story which is both entertaining and uplifting. In this journey of discovery we travel with Peter, an atheistic psycho therapist, who has the doors of discovery opened for him by one of his clients. The client, John, moves through sessions of past life regression, one of which takes him to a life on Earth at the beginning of time. As Peter moves with John- who refers now to coming from the Light- he begins to see a new and for him very exciting view of life. A well written and entrancing tale of one man's voyage to understanding."
  • A Novel Approach on Sep. 18, 2012

    “A Novel Approach” by Bryon Williams Having previously read both “The Withered of Oz” and “The Twilight Escort Agency”, formerly published as two separate publications, I was keen to see “A Novel Approach”, as I thought that linking his first two books was quite ….….. a novel approach! Sorry about that – I couldn’t resist! Part One of the book, “The Withered of Oz”, is an autobiography of the author, a former Stage and Screen actor, director, producer and script writer, and is a witty yet poignant account of the his attempts to come to terms with his much-loved wife suffering a devastating stroke, resulting in him relinquishing his career to become her full-time Carer. He relies on humour to save his sanity, and attempts to see the funny side of many of the challenges faced. This is a hilarious, sometimes profane, frequently deeply moving tale of how they deal with the curve ball that life has thrown them. He faces the challenge of his own ageing process, works out his philosophy on life and recognizes that he still craves a creative outlet, and decides to become an author! Quite a personal journey. Part Two is his first novel – “The Twilight Escort Agency”, an exposé of retirees and life in the not-so-fast lane, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The story revolves around an Escort Agency for the more ‘mature’ client looking for fun times and companionship, and the equally “mature” escorts! This is a very funny book full of saucy and at times bawdy humour proving getting old doesn’t mean being over it all! So – what did I think of linking the two books? A very clever idea, as the reader is initially able to get to know the author and his sometimes eccentric and engaging sense of humour. “Withered” paints an amusing, touching and entertaining picture of the author and his decision to become a novelist, followed by the result of that decision - his first very funny attempt at fiction. Part One is basically what has been and is, and Part Two looks towards the future. Given his resilience, humour and attitude, and the quality of his other novels, I think his future looks very bright.
  • The Psychic Spy on May 19, 2013

    I’ve just finished reading “The Psychic Spy and the Mystery of Masterman’s Retreat”, which is the latest novel by Bryon Williams, and the second in a series of Psychic Detective novels. Another great read. We are re-united with Evelyn Marsh, the reluctant psychic from Bryon’s book of the same name, and her spirit Guide, the deceased Detective Senior Sergeant “Lucky” Lambert, plus two surprise guests from “Code Name Millicent – the CIA Agent Who Came Out of the Cold”, all of whom investigate the goings-on at a High-Security Twilight Home for ex-spies! Evelyn agrees to assist one of the residents by proofreading a novel he has been writing about a spy called Roy – which is quite a journey in itself! Between the investigations, murders, proof-reading and discussions with the AFP and ASIO, Evelyn even has a lusty fling with a James Bond look alike – which I think surprises her almost as much as the reader! The book is great fun, with a new twist on the spy/thriller genre, and is written with Bryon’s trademark wicked humour! Like Oliver, I want more!
  • Naked Warrior- An Erotic Fantasy of One Soul, Two Bodies on May 11, 2014

    “NAKED WARRIOR”.......B. T. Williams A review by Berrie Cameron-Allen This is a fascinating book, and one which I honestly found difficult to put down. This novel is an erotic love story, featuring hot and heavy sexuality of several varieties, but it also covers history, art, war, reincarnation, karma, and deep and meaningful discussions of personal philosophy. With so many strands it could end up being a mishmash of ideas, but it doesn't. It is a well-written, intelligent and intriguing book of considerable depth and I loved it! It raises many spiritual and philosophical ideas and questions, and strives to shed light on possible and/or probable answers to them, although Mr. Williams is never pedantic and the readers can always reach their own conclusions. The characters are well-drawn and likeable, and the story is told with Mr. Williams' trademark humour which ensures that the tale remains hot but not heavy! It's the thinking person's erotica, and I would happily recommend it to anyone – although maybe not yer old Granny! Well done, Mr. Williams – you've left me thirsting for more! Books, that is!