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  • The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer on Jan. 27, 2012
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    Book reviewed by Bertita Graebner Bertita@transitionlifecoaching.com As I begin the writing of this book review, I find myself listening to a musical work of Axiom of Choice on CD. I am taken by the fit between Rosie’s life and the name of these musical artists. Her axiom of choice, her driving and compelling movement is toward “Finding (Her) True North.” Her foundational metaphor is that of “navigation.” For Rosie, Life is a Journey. The vehicle is a boat. The ocean is the expanse. The crew is those in her life, which may change from port to port. Here, language and body wisdom become one. She is an expert sailor and her life is all about learning to make those choices which put her at the helm steering her own craft. The telling of her life is all about choice making: her choices and those of her family and friends. She chooses to find ways to move away from what does not work for her. She chooses to move into the unknown, trusting she will be guided to the next place in growing into herself. She moves from. She waits what is to come. We watch as she learns to self determine and accept accountability. We intuit the connection between us. We see the unfolding of our lives as she transparently unfolds hers’ for us to see. Rosie’s signature words are “impeccable” and “exquisite.” They are foundational to her experience; they express the perfection and the rightness of what is. With these words she acknowledges her acceptance of what Earth University is teaching her, regardless of the pain in the lesson. These words witness to the process of her transfiguration, they witness to the perfect luminous beauty in her life achieved only through exquisite suffering. Rosie’s story is very intensely personal and for that very reason it catches the universal experience. Each of us ‘hears’ her in the echoes of our own life experience. Rosie relates the steps in her development as a seafarer navigating the unknown, un-chartered waters of the sea of life. We ache with her in our own choices. We learn from her as we, too, sail forward navigating the waters of our own lives. We see the uneven process of life adrift, life on course, life in tempests, in storms, life in the calm, life in the balm of healing sacred moments of ineffable beauty. The Unholy Path of a Reluctant Adventurer speaks to us of fear and courage on a very personal level and connects us to the deep-unfolding universal of a human destiny. We want to read this book for connection and affirmation.
  • Dilemmas of Being in Business on June 04, 2013

    Review by Bertita Graebner: The Dilemmas of BEING in Business by Dr. Rosie Kuhn. With lightness, love, and lively like-mindedness, Dr. Rosie identifies with our dilemmas in business as her own. She shares the most frequent choice-points in our business lives via the men and women she coaches. Dr. Rosie writes a clear profile describing the most frequent types of choice points we may expect in our business life. She also develops our awareness regarding what our co-workers may be going through. She opens the door to compassion for ourselves and others continually facing the Dilemmas of Being in Business. Her 25 years as a business and life coach gives her the atlas from which she speaks. Her model, The Domains of Awareness, describes the chart she navigates from. Paraphrasing one of her many pearls: - Is a dilemma - A dilemma is like a multi-dimensional entity with a life all of its own. It feeds on complexity and emotional angst or pain. A dilemma ceases to exist once you actually choose and follow through with actual deeds. - Is a predicament - It is one that exists as long as you fence-sit, remaining inactive and indecisive. There will always be a dilemma - that is life. . . . She shows us the way through, with questions and insights for us to sit with and to grapple with. A dilemma, like a grain of sand, we continually caress attempting to salve the irritation. The grain of sand becomes a polished treasure of luster – our pearl of insight that arouses our actions toward self-empowerment. Every moment is a teachable moment and we are all in the School of Life. As Yule Brenner says in the musical The King and I - Is a puzzlement - Dr. Rosie suggests we welcome with open hearts all dilemmas as opportunity to choose that which will take us where we say we want to go. Link to lyrics: http://www.metrolyrics.com/a-puzzlement-lyrics-the-king-and-i.html