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Beth Praed (formerly Beth Hill) is a published author of four books, "Multiple Sclerosis: Q&A", "The AD/HD Book", "Domestic Violence: My Freedom from Abuse" and the children's book, "Moo the Ghost". Praed holds two master's degrees. Before she developed multiple sclerosis, she was an accomplished pianist. Her first master's degree was in music education; it was received from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana. She also holds a master's degree in communications (journalism, public relations and public speaking) from Georgia State University.


Powerful tool for recovery and change--There are a number of titles on domestic violence on the market, but no other book is as clear (or as direct) about what abuse means and what possibilities (and responsibilities!) lie in real freedom. Those ready to listen and understand will find "Domestic Violence: My Freedom from Abuse" a powerful tool for recovery and change, providing the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Review by D. Donovan, eBook Reviewer, MBR

A truly inspiring blog for women who fell victims of domestic violence and those who want to help these women--Author Beth Praed knows the right words and spiritual messages to use to encourage these women to carry on with their lives after their grueling experience. She even offers her "My Freedom from Abuse" book at a very affordable price of $1 as her way of helping these women victims in their healing process. (Overall Experience rating--9 out of 10)
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Smashwords Interview

What's the story behind your latest book?
Actually, I had a dream about this book. I saw a man in a brown robe in a field. He told me to write the book and sell it for practically nothing.
So is this why you are selling your third book so cheaply? This seems odd for a best-selling author to do.
That's exactly what my mother said! But honestly, this is not about making a ton of money. This is about making a difference. One in four women suffer from domestic violence. That's not right.
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