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  • Interview on Nov. 01, 2012

    When I sat down to read this story, I was thinking that I was getting a M/M romance however, I realized once I got to the "pivotal interview" that this was going to be more of a D/s tale. Not really what I was looking for, truthfully but I believe it has the potential to be a really great set of stories for me. I didn't like Alex in the beginning of the story, but I could relate to him. He just appeared to be a lazy high school graduate trying to get by on his mother's sweat and hard work. But, after digging a little deeper into my own psyche... I found out that there is a little Alex in me too; I can't help but like the kid. The rest of the story is entertaining and I am looking forward to reading more about Mr. Dacey (Master) and Alex.
  • An Autumn by the Russian River on Dec. 10, 2012

    This was a good book; it had mystery, romance,and a possessive stalker. All those things that make a girl want to keep reading. I actually did like the dynamics in the relationship with Jon, Nick, and Marc. But only to start. Then the truth about the creepies filtered in. Jon's first relationship was kind of rough to learn about; it turned out that it was sad that he was murdered, and it wasn't for a very good reason (there are just some people who reap what they sow), but it lead Jon to a truth far better than he was living. I loved the dogs! They are people too! It wasn't a long read, but it was a good one. I especially liked the descriptions of the characters. It wasn't done in a normal manner, at least by my thinking; the characters described themselves in their "getting to know you" phase. I wasn't even concerned that I had not really gotten any picture until then. Good job, and it kept my interest.