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Cyber War Conspiracy sketches a frightening conspiracy in the framework of a worldwide cyber war. A scenario that could become reality. In brutal detail the author describes how the superpowers try to control and rule the world. Murder and intrigue in the world of chip technology!

Marc Jansen has just prepared a market analysis on network chips at his desk in Hamburg. This specialist on semiconductor technology suddenly finds himself in an opaque maelstrom of murder, corruption, and intrigue. After the mysterious death in Thailand of a well-known American quantum IT specialist Marc and his partner Lana de Vries are supposed to find out, assigned by an international consortium, what the truth is concerning a new generation of chips. The murdered scientist was allegedly working on producing them. Jansen still has no idea what he is letting himself in for.

Opinions from reviews
An exciting, up-to-date scientific thriller that could well occupy a sure spot in the genre „thriller“. With his book the author sets up a frightening scenario of spying in the world of science. (Amazon)

In the battle for power a human life counts for nothing – an explosive theme well presented (Lovelybooks)

This first novel contains all the classical elements of a thriller. It is concerned just as much with research, quantum computer science and semiconductor technology as with plots, corruption, and murder! (Magazin für Computertechnik c´t 1/15)

This is only the extract and if you support the funding project “Translation of THE CYBER WAR CONSPIRACY into English” on the Indiegogo crowdfounding newtwork, you hopefully will be able to read the book!

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