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Smashwords book reviews by Keith Taylor

  • Starlight Army on Sep. 02, 2012

    What a great read, this book takes you on an emotional roller coaster ride. a book about bikers that have compassion and a desire to help animals escape from the cruelty that they suffer at the hands of their owners. They are joined by Su Kane a young girl who's eyes are opened to the mistreatment of animals at a very early age, this one incident shapes her transition from childhood to womanhood where her meeting with The Revolting Animals Motorcycle Club gives her the power to help give abused animals a voice and a chance to revolt against the people that treat them so cruelly .What a great book by Gary Weston, thought provoking sometimes shocking sometimes amusing but always compelling, you will just want to keep reading Set twenty years ago in the West Midlands of England,the Characters and their names are real and their activities in the book, though fictitious, are based on real events and the legalized animal cruelty and lack of compassion in some farming practices which existed then and in some instances still exist now. If this book makes one person stand up against animal abuse and cruelty it will have made a great achievement .