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We are an independent UK-based publishing company, dedicated to maintaining and improving standards in the independent sector. We publish transport books, biographies and memoirs in both print and digital form.

In our transport book section we specialise in books on the London taxi and the London cab trade, but we are always happy to consider new genres. We do not publish fiction, poetry or children's books. We do not have the in-depth knowledge of these genres, nor the marketing experience to do justice to them

We are keen to mentor first-time authors and to advise on the best format for their unpublished books. If you would like us to consider your book for publication, either in print or as an ebook, please send us a SHORT synopsis and a sample chapter. If your book is illustrated, please send a small sample by email, as jpeg or pdf - not embedded in the of your chapter or synopsis text - of the kind of illustrations you have available, or a list of reliable sources from which you intend to obtain them.

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  • Business Survival & Prosperity Guaranteed on March 24, 2011

    Not a 'get rich quick' book, but a genuinely helpful 'get sustainably prosperous and enjoy its benefits' book, written from (often painful) first hand experience. Nor is it a hyped up super-duper millionaire success story, but a real down-to-earth guide for the average Joe who wants to be more than average Written by an Englishman and thus with UK tax and legal references, it deals with the general principles and the nuts and bolts of running a successful business that are universal, from putting the customer first to looking after the money. If you're starting in business, or are thinking about doing so, it is probably the best $2.99 investment you'll ever make
  • The Game Of Business And How To Play It on April 20, 2011

    This is a small book, but it's packed with the essentials of all the processes and attitudes you need to run a really successful business. When you understand what Mr Gorman is saying to you, and fully embrace it, you wonder how or why nobody has ever told you this before, or why you never thought of these things yourself. Read it as a primer for Paul Gorman’s ‘How to Out-Sell, Out-Market, Out-Promote, Out-Advertise Everyone Else You Compete Against... Before They Even Know What Hit Them’ (from this same epublisher) for the blow-by-blow details of marketing, and then buy ‘Business Success and Prosperity Guaranteed’ by Paul Hurst one of Paul Gorman’s acolytes and the man who runs this ebook business. Bill Munro
  • Twitter 101: An Introductory Guide for College Students on Aug. 19, 2011

    This works for far more people than college students. Those of us in the inkwell generation will find Adam's clear description, and embedded explanation of what Twitter is ACTUALLY FOR, invaluable. As a Smashwords author, struggling to come to terms with how to promote my books, I find this guide a good foundation for getting to grips with Twitter. I'd agree with the review by W. Addison Gast - do us one for FB too, and angle it towards us authors/self-publicists, if you have experience in that field.
  • Creating Ebooks on Oct. 10, 2011

    A small but very useful and down-to-earth little book that covers all the main points about the topic - the actual craft of formatting the text, (technical, but not overly so, so don't get put off by that) the marketing and a kind word or two for our hosts, Smashwords and the highly useful 'meat grinder' software that turns lead into gold - er, sorry, not quite - but truthfully, properly formatted Word documents into every useable ebook app. One point not mentioned, if I recall correctly is that epub will not handle any tabulated data (ie set in the kind of table you use in Word) and have it pass Apple's approval for the iStore. Frustrating if your ebook is non-fiction with some important data in its contents, but the way things are progressing, maybe soon it will. Read this little freebie before you spend any money on others. It's good primer, and maybe, if you start to get into producing your own ebooks in any quantity and gain some practical experience in doing so, it might the only one you'll need