Bill McClure


Bill McClure enjoys telling a good story. He has seven novels published with new ones in the forming stage. He has more than 40 years of writing experience, having served as a contributor to the national wires of Associated Press, United Press International, as well as a freelance correspondent for several daily newspapers and a contributor to several magazines. He worked for several years as a ghost writer, preparing, editing, and designing books for preachers, lawyers, investors, realtors, retired people, and bankers.
Bill’s storytelling conforms to the moral and ethical standards of the Christian faith, but that is not a limiting factor for his bad guys. His bad guys can be very bad and keep you in suspense without gutter language. He writes from two perspectives: 1) Keep the reader entertained to the last paragraph, and 2) reward the reader for choosing his book. There is always something to take away from a Bill McClure book; whether it is motivation, inspiration, thought provoking or a feeling of happiness and satisfaction.
Bill lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife of 57 years. Their 3 children and spouses with 7 grandchildren and their spouses have provided them with 12 great-grandchildren.


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