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Smashwords book reviews by Bill, Sr

  • Boomerang on Dec. 21, 2009

    Alan Hutcheson has writen a wonderfully fun tale that will keep you reading all night. Ted and Jerry make a unique team on the hunt for a strange relic once owned by a super powerful Washingtom lawman; and if thats not enough they have a crossbow wielding albino after them to keep them from slowing down. The characters are weird and entertaining they will make you laugh. I can't wait for Alan's next book.
  • Thin Blood on March 20, 2010

    Thin Blood by Vicki Tyley grabs you right from the prologue and doesn’t let go. The pages seem to fly by as your reading. An out of work journalist, Jacinta Deller, trying to find freelance work digs into some cold case files and finds the ten year old murder of Kirsty Edmonds; the wife of Craig Edmonds, who had gone missing years before. With her body never found, a million dollar insurance policy and Craig as the only suspect two separate juries failed to convict him. Jacinta’s renewed interest in the case seems to change everything.