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  • Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble on Nov. 09, 2010

    Jolie begins this book being very insecure but remained a likeable heroine throughout. I did find her struggle to accept being a witch a bit irritating, but only because one would think being a psychic might foster a more open mind to things paranormal, and she seemed very opposed to the idea. Her opposition fit her character though, and centered more on the idea that someone as unremarkable as herself could never be something as fantastic as a witch. However, it was a bit off that she seemed to vehemently oppose being a witch but didn't hesitate long when forced to give up her life and move to England with Rand, the hot warlock that turned her life upside down to begin with! Rand, the previously mentioned hottie warlock, is a classic well-intentioned good guy with a dash of mystery. And did I mention that he is good looking? I would love some more history on him, although we are treated to some of his past via the friendly house ghost that was once a childhood friend. Rand introduces Jolie to the world of vampires and witches but doesn't really want her to be involved, and he fights his growing feelings every step of the way. So, maybe I should add stubborn to my assessment! Bella, the bitchy-witchy antagonist, and her ideas to unite the paranormal community, was just the right ingredient to move the story along and create even more tension between Rand and Jolie, as Rand is forced to deal with Jolie on a much more permanent basis. Bella wants to be the evil queen and she can't let Jolie's amazing talent get in her way. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble is an excellent debut and I look forward to more in the series. Especially if we get to know more about Sinjin, the insanely hot and charismatic vampire that may or may not be on their side in the fight against Bella and her evil minions. The characters are definitely the strongest element: genuine and easy to like. I found myself really caring about them which surprised me on some level. Very well done! This review can also be found at