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I am a wife, mother of 2, school secretary, blogger, writer for Urban Image Magazine, and book lover!

I review every book that I read and try to promote the books as much as I can! Visit my blog if you want to know what I like to read and review!

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  • Stilettos & Scoundrels on Aug. 04, 2011

    Presley is a Senior Human Resource Manager at McLaughlin Industries. Right in the beginning of the book, she gets fired from her job. She definitely has to find some kind of work since she loves shoes and shopping! As you can see from these quotes: "Enough reflecting, she said to herself, unlocking her door. There were more pressing things to worry about--like finding a new job. The bills wouldn't pay themselves, and she didn't have a sugar daddy in her back pocket. Stepping on the foyer, she kicked off her Jimmy Choo's (she had a weakness for shoes and would rather not eat than go without her favorite shoes), and dug her toes into the thick, cream shag carpet as she hung her coat in the front closet. I'll have to cut back on the shoe shopping now that I am unemployed, she thought to herself. That was going to be more difficult than anything. A girl had to have her priorities." p.14 "Shoes, bags and accessories of all kinds were just as important as food; actually, they were probably more important than food. Right after coffee and before food was probably the perfect priority for accessories." p. 34 She was thinking about what she would like to do for a job. The two things she always wanted to do was be a writer and work at Kentucky Fried Chicken (her favorite restaurant when she was little). Her friend Trevor had talked about her writing for his online magazine. Since she loves to write, she thought maybe she will try that. Her first assignment is to interview the Senator who is from Alkon, her hometown. She decides to go there and do the interview. She figures it will be a good chance to spend time with her friends and family too. Within a few hours of the time that she interviews the Senator, he is murdered. She finds herself immersed in trying to figure out who murdered the Senator. This is when the book really picked up for me! I am surprised at how good of a detective Presley is, and this really made the story! Presley's mom still treated her like a little girl, and that was really annoying. If I was Presley I would have told her that she is a grown girl and stop treating her like a child! Overall, I really enjoyed this book! The story really picked up for me after the murder, and I was turning pages to see what was going to happen next! I hope Presley comes back in another book! I definitely recommend this book!
  • Beautiful on Oct. 13, 2011

    I was the lucky winner of a contest that the author put on for this story. What I had to do was read a little blurb about Tierra and her boss. I had to write what I thought was in the envelope and when she should get the envelope. I was really shocked that I won! Sorry, but I am not going to tell you what was in the envelope! You have to read the story for yourself! Tierra and Qu were always the best of friends, but things happened and they lost touch. Their friendship was no ordinary one either. They were so close that they called themselves PB&J because she was the peanut butter and he was the jelly. I was glad they finally reconnected. Who is Beautiful you ask? Well she wasn't exactly who I thought she was, but she is the woman in Qu's life. It was actually because of her that Tierra and Qu get reunited. Tierra had issues with God. She was just so mad at him and would not speak to him. She went to church and heard this message: "The Lord speaks to each one of us in different ways. He may use your mother, your sister, your child, or even your boss. He might even use an unbeliever. God never said his messages would come in nicely wrapped packages from your pastor," the pastor could be heard saying from inside the packed church. "God doesn't do things the way WE want them done. He does things the way we NEED them done, so he can get out of us what holds us back, what keeps us from him. He wants to help us reach the next level. He sends us what we need, when we need it, in HIS time. We are on his schedule, not the other way around." (Kindle Loc. 1085-90) I loved this book. Kiexiza Rodriquez did an awesome job with this first book of hers! The characters were great and so was the story. The thing though about this book that really drew me in was the messages about faith. It is so important to bring God into our lives. Sometimes you might wonder if he even answers your prayers, but this is an example of how he really does answer prayers. I recommend this book!