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Latest book: Uninhibited: Jackie And Viv's Erotic Adventures. Published December 24, 2011. (3.50 from 4 reviews)
Albert Benson
Latest book: Invasion. Published August 3, 2016.
Brennan Barrett
Latest book: One in the Oven. Published May 31, 2017.
Brian S. Pratt
Latest book: Dark Shores of Salvation: Travail of The Dark Mage Book Three. Pre-release—available November 30, 2018.
Crystal Lynn Hilbert
Latest book: Eve and Eden. Published May 18, 2016. (3.00 from 1 review)
David Dalglish
Latest book: The Prison of Angels. Published December 4, 2012.
E. Patrick Dorris
Latest book: John Smith, World Jumper Book One: Portal to Adventure. Published November 4, 2008. (4.31 from 16 reviews)
Erin L. Snyder
Latest book: 25 Christmas Eves. Published November 11, 2013. (4.00 from 1 review)
Latest book: Don't Eat Humans: A Dragon's Rulebook on Life. Published March 4, 2016. (3.33 from 3 reviews)
JD Kindle
Latest book: Selby's Pet Project. Published April 10, 2018.
Jeff Orton
Latest book: A Guardian of Innocents. Published June 17, 2010.
Jenna Graves
Latest book: The humiliation of Bella. Published October 1, 2016.
Jeremy Sterling
Latest book: Compromised. Published March 23, 2013. (4.80 from 5 reviews)
M.M. Brownlow
Latest book: Retaliation. Published April 7, 2017.
Marshall Ian Key
Latest book: Gone Fishin'. Published March 8, 2009. (4.86 from 7 reviews)
Ms. Downlow
Latest book: Downsized. Published June 22, 2011. (4.40 from 5 reviews)
Nick Pawluk
Latest book: The Adventures of Holly Weird, Zombie Slayer. Published May 23, 2011. (5.00 from 1 review)
Stella Blue
Latest book: Confessions of a Drunken Slut. Published August 9, 2012.
Stella Graffen
Latest book: The Sensuous Stories of Stella Graffen. Published January 29, 2014.
Teddy Jacobs
Latest book: Return of the Dragons (Omnibus). Published August 20, 2012.
William Woodall
Latest book: Lion's Heart. Published October 24, 2016.