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I review books for 4 differnet publications. My main interest is paranormal, but I will read just about anything. I DO NOT like submissive heroines. That is a big no-no for me.

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Smashwords book reviews by Wendy Mitchell

  • A Wish to Build a Dream On on April 07, 2011

    This was a wonderful short story steeped in Irish lore. Mary has become cynical and disillusioned, when she steps into an empty fairy circle and is whisked back through time. Cian is cursed to have all he loves die. He has dreamed and longed for Mary to end his lonely existence. Can their love break a fairy curse? This was extremely well written and well worth the time invested. It is a story I will reread several times. Just lovely.
  • The Mask on April 24, 2011

    This is the first book in the SinFabulous Escorts Erotic series, and Ms. Stewart starts it off with a bang. Denise is feeling a little "bleh" so when she starts having smoldering erotic dreams of a stranger doing wonderfully naughty things to her, she doesn't mind so much. When she meets her dream man in reality, she begins to worry a little. After all they were just dreams, weren't they? Beautifully crafted and not overly graphic, this is a stunning piece of couples or romantic erotica. The Mask has a playful sense of adventure and eroticism that will draw the reader in for the short time it takes to read this. I may go out and by a few new masks just to see what happens
  • Hidden Talents on July 17, 2011

    If anyone had any doubts that Emma Holly is the queen, nay the empress of women’s erotica…….read this book. Ari had two things in this world she cared about, Max and Sarah. Two friends who make up her family since they found each other on the streets on NYC. Now Henry Blackwater, aka the Eunuch, is threatening them as a means to get to her. After her fanatically religious parents kicked her out as a teen, Ari had to grow up quick. As an adult, nobody messes with her or hers. Ari has tracked the Eunuch to the town of Resurrection to end this once and for all. Adam Santini took his job as alpha and police officer in Resurrection very seriously. When his team gets a call about unauthorized magic, he’s on it in a big way. Did I not mention that Resurrection is a hidden paranormal metropolis? Oooops. In a town of weres, gargoyles, elves, fairies and other assorted beings, unlicensed magic can cause a major disaster. When he comes upon Ari in an empty warehouse torturing one of the Eunuch’s known associates, it definitely is cause for alarm. Adam’s had a bead on Henry Blackwater for awhile, and Ari might just be the key to bringing him to justice. This is such a fun read. Ultra sexy, ( I know, that’s a given ) humorous, full of wonderfully unique and diverse characters, poignant emotion, and a spellbinding story. If you haven’t taken a dip in the Emma Holly pool, this is where you should get your feet wet. This is a milder, more mainstream version of Emma. Straight heterosexual couples erotica, although there is a gay cousin. Still a very hot read that loses nothing for the absence. If you need something to warm up the engine, or are just looking for a great story, Hidden Talents will fit the bill very nicely.
  • The Assassins' Lover on Aug. 03, 2011

    Princess Katsu Shinobi got more than she expected on her natal day. Hidden away at the behest of her jealous stepmother, Kat is more than happy to share her isolation with the two handsome Rohn guards, Hattori and Ciran. For three blissful months the three explore their sexuality with fierce abandon. Years later, the duo are hired to kill their former lover. Knowing there is very little chance for them all to escape with their lives, Kat, Hattori and Ciran set forth a plan that could bring freedom for the trio or death. Full review posted on 8/04/2011 at http://www.ragesexandteddybears.blogspot...
  • Summer's Journey: Volume One - Losing Control on Sep. 06, 2011

    Summer is a fortyish, recent divorcee, who wants to rediscover and reinvent her solitary sex life. She is an average woman, not a porn star wannabe, not cover model gorgeous, or someone who thought they were overly adventurous. This is the start of her journey to erotic self awareness. I will be totally honest about reviewing this book. I ventured forth with a lot of trepidation. This was a “new 2 me” author, and a self published one at that. I have had some less than pleasant experiences going down that road. The story is also in first person, which for me is especially uncomfortable when reading erotica. This was certainly a welcome surprise. This was absolutely one of the most beautifully written and tasteful pieces of erotic literature I have gotten my hands on this year. It did not fall into the trap of using graphic language and terminology to cover up lack of imagination or writing skills. Don’t get me wrong, the words aren’t sugar coated or Victorian euphemisms, they are just used appropriately and in the correct amount. In this first volume, we get to know a little about Summer, and her initial contact with Mark. We get to watch the relationship unfold from the very beginning. I still can’t determine if this is fiction or not, and that just adds to the fun and mystique of the book. I was absolutely hooked and invested by the time I finished this book. If you are tired of the same old, same old in women’s erotica, then I definitely recommend this book. It brings a very welcome freshness to a growing genre that desperately needs some new blood.