Katy Walters


Katy lives on the South Coast with her husband and Golden retriever Lily. Her family, although grown and flown the nest, live nearby. Her son also has a love of writing.
Katy started off as a secretary, but found the work too confining, so she devoted herself to a singing career, studying opera for seven years. She was spotted in London and offered a contract within the day and went into cabaret. This proved very exciting as she travelled the UK and Europe singing with some well-known names.
She left this to raise a family - later going back to university, to study psychology, gaining a BA Hons Psych followed by an MA in world religions and mysticism, with an Hon. Dr. Science. From this followed a career of over twenty years practising psychotherapy, hypnosis and researching methods of pain control.
She has always loved writing and decided to improve upon it by further study at Uni., which was to prove invaluable in writing her novels. She has a BA in Creative Writing and Eng. Lit.
Her interests are, mysticism, archaeology, history of art, oil painting and pop-art. She has a yellow belt in Aikedo and has studied zDogchen Buddhism, Siddha Yoga and attended many retreats. She also loves walking with her dog either in the Sussex Downs, or along the beach. Of an evening, she loves to curl up in the recliner to watch a film.

Katy's favourite genres, crime mystery and thrillers, regency romance and Sci fi.. She has embarked on a series of crime novels. The first two in the series will be out in 2013.

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